Prince William's 'merman' video delights fans as they love 'fit' side to the future King

Prince William's 'merman' video is delighting viewers as the Prince of Wales' athletic side was put on full display

Prince William's 'merman' video is delighting viewers as the Prince of Wales' athletic side was put on full display
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Prince William's 'merman' video has delighted fans who rather enjoyed seeing this sporty side to the Prince of Wales. 

Back in 2022, the Prince and Princess of Wales took part in a week-long Caribbean royal tour of Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. While on tour, the couple visited Coral Vita, the Earthshot Prize winner, and snorkelled around the reeds to plant coral. At the time, videos of the future King and Queen snorkelling around these reefs and fans were impressed by the couple's incredible talent. 

After celebrating the recent Earthshot Prize in Singapore, another video of the Prince of Wales swimming in the ocean back in 2022 has been shared - and fans are rather impressed by this athletic display as some call the Prince a 'merman.'

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Taking to the comments, fans were quick to complement the King's athletic ability. "Wow Prince William is a Merman 🧜‍♂️" said one commenter. Others were also complimentary of his figure, "He is fit 💝🔥," said one fan. "Wow look at those long muscles 😍 what a gorgeous King he will be 👏," said another.

Others were also impressed to see the King getting stuck into an engagement. "HRH the Prince of Wales is a man of Action! He doesn't just talk about it, he is about!! Actions speak more loudly than words! He can do anything! 🌏👑" said one commenter. "So amazing that HRH The Prince of Wales is such an all-around guy! He can do everything!!! ❤️👏," said yet another.

The Prince was swimming with Coral Vita, an organisation working to revive the oceans, one of the key goals of the Earthshot Prize. The organisation farms coral on land and then plants them in the oceans, this allows coral to grow up to 50 times faster than traditional methods for coral production. Winning the Prince's Earthshot Prize in 2021 meant that Coral Vita received £ 1 million in funding and could continue their work growing diverse and resilient corals that could help to restore the oceans. 

Coral Vita commented on the recent snorkelling post from the Prince of Wales and thanked him for supporting their work. "Thank you for shining a light on the urgent need to protect coral reefs that sustain all people everywhere and the global community fighting to preserve them! The Coral Vita team looks forward to planting coral with you again one day soon," read the comment.

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