Prince William tries one of Kate Middleton's favourite hobbies - but admits to being 'terrified'

Prince William tried one of Kate Middleton's favourite hobbies in Singapore as he admitted to being 'terrified' for this sweet reason

Prince William tried one of Kate Middleton's favourite hobbies
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Prince William tried one of Kate Middleton's favourite hobbies in Singapore as he got stuck into a very sporty engagement!

The Prince of Wales is currently in Singapore as part of his work towards his environmental climate project, the Earthshot Prize - which was recently praised by Cate Blanchett. On November 6, the Prince attended a dragon boat rowing event and joined in with the other rowers for a fun sporty challenge. The future King got truly stuck into the engagement as he wore a sporty kit, lifejacket and cap, and paddled away with the rest of the team.

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Per Hello! The Prince admitted to being 'terrified' ahead of the event. The magazine reported that William said he was 'terrified' of messing up the paddle rhythm and was concerned that he would 'clash with the whole side'. 

Despite his initial concerns, one of his teammates in the British Dragon Boat Racing Team called him a 'natural,' another added that he 'didn't miss a stroke'. The Prince humbly said, 'I love sports' and suggested that he was only following 'the key man in front of me', as he gestured to the captain. 

Chris Bosher, the Captain said William was, "super engaged from the moment he walked down the pontoon to the moment he finished". Chris added that the Prince told his team, 'Seriously guys I want us to win this'.

"After he was asking about the race calendar and we mentioned we'd got a race coming up in two weeks and really he should come back and we'll give him a seat on the boat," the captain said. "He said it's quite a refreshing break to do from the normal routine so this was right up his street." Prince William concluded that he 'really enjoyed' the sporting activity.

Rowing is actually one of Kate Middleton's hobbies and has been for some time. The Princess has been an avid rower and as far back as her years in university, the Princess has been taking part in rowing events. In 2007, the Princess took part in a training session with the Sisterhood Cross Channel rowing team and was snapped rowing on the River Thames.

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As his wife is already a keen rower, the Princes's interest or knowledge about this sport may have been increased thanks to his wife. Perhaps Catherine gave him some handy tips before he set off to Singapore for this engagement!

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