The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge say they are 'deeply moved' in special message from their Norfolk home

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to pledge their allegiance to frontline workers battling against the coronavirus as they thank Australia's first responders in new video message.

  • Prince William and Duchess Catherine recorded a special message from their Norfolk home
  • The video was released in honour of Australia's 'Thank a First Responder Day' on June 2nd
  • The couple said they were 'deeply moved' by what they saw during the 'devastating wildfires' and now the first responders are on the frontline of another emergency due to covid-19
  • It follows royal news that the Duchess of Cambridge's brother reveals heartbreaking news

Prince William and Duchess Catherine have recorded a special video message from their Norfolk home in honour of Australia's "Thank a First Responder Day".

The couple - who tied the knot in 2011 - paid homage to the first of two devastating crises, the Australian wildfires, before moving on to discuss the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Praising the invaluable work of Australia's First Responders, Prince William said, "Earlier this year, we witnessed thousands of firefighters, supported by the wider first responder community, who worked tirelessly risking their own lives to protect Australian communities from the devastating wildfires.

"The world was watching your efforts and we were deeply moved by what we saw.”

Catherine added, "Sadly, you’re now on the frontline of yet another emergency. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought first responders across Australia together again.

"Day in, day out paramedics, police, firefighters and support staff work tirelessly to keep everybody safe, often risking not only their physical health but also their mental well-being.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have worked tirelessly since the beginning of lockdown to raise the profile and spirits of frontline workers who continue to battle against the coronavirus crisis.

And while the future King has been full of praise for NHS workers, he recently expressed his concerns over hailing frontline workers “heroes”.

While he said the label is justified and deserved, he fears they could feel pressure to be “this strong pillar of strength” and not ask for support with their mental health.

He said, "We made the NHS frontline staff, rightly, heroes.

"But in doing so, we once again, give them the burden that we gave our soldiers fighting in the war, where everyone was so grateful and wanted to show their appreciation as to their fighting for their freedoms and everything. And I think we’ve got to be very careful with the language that we use.”

“They should rightly be hailed as superstars, and brave, and wonderful staff; but I’m very conscious from a mental health point of view that we don’t alienate some of them.

“Where they feel that once they have this hero tag, they can no longer shake that, and therefore they can’t ask for support, they have to be this strong pillar of strength, when actual fact what we need them to be is examples of positive mental health.”

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