Prince William interrupts his family summer holiday to share personal message of support

Prince William interrupted his holiday with Kate and the children in order to lend his support to something rather close to his heart

Prince William interrupted his holiday with Kate and the children in order to lend his support to something rather close to his heart
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Prince William interrupted his time with his family during his children's summer holiday in order to share an important message.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been absent from royal engagements and the public eye in general for the past few weeks as they begun their summer holidays with their three children. 

However, the Prince of Wales interrupted his holiday with his family in order to share an important message. The Prince reposted a tweet from the Lionesses that read 'CHLOE KELLY DOES IT AGAIN! WE ARE THROUGH!' with an image of the penalty score that read 4-2 to England. The image was of course of a celebration that the England women's football team had made it though to the next round after beating Nigeria at penalties. 

The Prince captioned the retweet with a personal message of support to the team that read, "Well done @Lionesses! It was hard-fought but now we're on to the quarter-finals. Good luck."

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As the President of the Football Association, the Prince has forged close relationships with footballers who play for the England team and has met the Lionesses on several occasions. 

On one occasion, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis received an personalised from England's Euro team. The Lionnesses gave them to Prince William to give to his children and the Prince revealed that they would be delighted with this treat - particularly Charlotte who claims to be especially good in goal. 

This isn't the first time that the Prince has interrupted his time away from his work to throw his support behind the Lionesses. Only last week the Prince sent another message of support that read, "We’re all cheering you on @Lionesses! Good luck for the knockout stages" - suggesting that his passion for football goes well beyond his official role. 

Prince William isn't the only royal to struggle to switch off from work. Last week, Princess Catherine broke her summer holiday retreat to share a  'wonderful' message. Monday, July 31, marked the six-month anniversary of the Princess' solo project, Shaping Us. In celebration of this milestone, the Princess took to social media and shared a heartfelt video that included snippets of all of the achievements and events that have taken place in support of this campaign.

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Of course, the royals have only been posting online and have yet to break their summer holidays with an in-person appearance. This is most likely because the Prince and Princess of Wales are in Scotland on their holiday with their children.

It has been speculated that if they are in Scotland they are unlikely to stay at Balmoral Castle, the Queen's beloved Scottish retreat, in favour of their own Scottish home. As well as Anmer House in Norfolk, and Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, the Prince and Princess of Wales are understood to also have Tam-Na-Ghar Cottage on the Balmoral estate, a smaller residence that they have enjoyed over the years.

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