Princess Catherine breaks summer holiday retreat to share 'wonderful' message

Princess Catherine has interrupted her summer break in order to deliver an important message on social media about a 'wonderful' milestone

Princess Catherine has interrupted her summer break in order to deliver an important message on social media about a 'wonderful' milestone
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Princess Catherine has interrupted her summer holiday with her family in order to share an important message and celebrate a key milestone.

Back in January, the Princess of Wales launched a new campaign in support of Early Childhood Education, revealing that she will be joined by 'well-known faces' for the upcoming project called 'Shaping Us'. Since the launch of this project, the Princess has attended a number of engagements, met with influential people, and promoted the importance of shaping the first five years of a child's life to set them up for a healthy life.

Monday, July 31, marked the six-month anniversary of the Princess' solo project that is so close to her heart. In celebration of this milestone, the Princess took to social media and shared a heartfelt video that included snippets of all of the achievements and events that have taken place in support of this campaign.

The caption of the post on Instagram read, "Six months of #ShapingUs! Our campaign highlights the importance of early childhood and how it can shape the adults we become. From pregnancy to the age of five, our brains develop at an exponential rate. It's been a wonderful six months of spreading awareness far and wide, with so much more to come."

Fans loved this message from the Princess and took to social media to comment on this post. "Can’t wait for the next steps! 😍" said one fan. "6 incredible months!" added another. "Very important campaign, looking forward to the next steps 👏👏👏," said a third.

"She is everything beautiful and warm wrapped in one person. This campaign is absolutely amazing. 💕 our children are our most valuable asset in society," another said. "Early years in a child's life is crucial and essential. Thanks to her RH Princess Catherine for the Foundation for Early Childhood. ❤️👶," said yet another fan.

The timing of this post was also significant for another reason. During July and August, the Prince and Princess of Wales typically take time off from their royal duties so they can spend time with their three children who are on their summer holidays for the two months of the summer. This means that the Princess's holiday was interrupted in order to mark this six-month anniversary and celebration of her project.

The family are expected to travel to Scotland very soon and stay in Tam-Na-Ghar cottage, one of the many Scottish royal residences where the Royal Family stay when they are in Scotland on their summer holidays.

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