Prince William and Prince Harry ‘reunite’ for a poignant reason, proving there's one person who can still bring them together

The feuding brothers both made appearances at the second annual Diana Awards, in honor of their late mother

Prince William and Harry both appeared at the same event, albeit via video messages
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The Diana Awards 2023 included two very special video messages from both Princes William and Harry, marking a rare occasion where the warring brothers made joint appearances. William and Harry have not actually been seen together since the famous walkabout following the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, although both attended the Coronation of their father in May this year. 

To see Prince William and Prince Harry in the same room lately is something of a rarity – indeed, the last time the brothers were in the same vicinity was for the Coronation of King Charles in May.

And even then, notably, there was no mingling between the siblings and Harry left almost immediately after the ceremony to jet back to California.

So, only a really special occasion can unite the pair – and that’s exactly what the 2023 Diana Awards achieved… sort of.  

The Diana Awards – which recognize a new generation of changemakers that she has inspired – featured video messages from her two sons ahead of what would’ve been her 62nd birthday.

Prince William said in his moving message, “Today, we recognise the power of all young people to inspire meaningful change.”

“To all the award recipients, congratulations. Your accomplishments are a testament to your character your passion and your determination to make a difference, you are an inspiration to young people everywhere.”

“And to everyone watching, all these stories remind us why organisations like The Diana Award are so important. It is a reminder that when we invest in young people, when we provide them with the tools and opportunities to make a difference, they can truly change the world. A belief shared by my mother, and one I am proud to continue in her name.”

Harry’s message added, “As we come together, I am reminded of the profound belief my mother held in the transformative power of young people.”

“She recognised their unique ability to challenge the status quo and push for a more inclusive and compassionate society.”

Later in the video, Prince Harry appeared alongside Vee Kativhu, a 2021 Diana and Legacy Award recipient. Harry tells her that she's inspired many, including himself. "Sometimes it's easy to question one's ability to make a difference.”

"Your point about change for the better as a collective force is so important. When someone steps up to be of service, they automatically join this collective. No one is ever a conduit for change alone—each one of us has the ability to create a more equitable world."

William and Harry reunited for the unveiling of a statue of their mother a few years ago, amid rumors of an early feud

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The brothers’ sort-of reunion echoes the last time they brokered peace after months of separation.

The pair reunited on Diana’s birthday in 2021 – her 60th – after months of estrangement following Harry’s move to California. 

The pair came together to unveil a new statue of Diana in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, marking their first joint appearance since the funeral of Prince Philip.

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