Prince Harry bares his chest to apply sunscreen at latest charity Polo match

Prince Harry attended a charity event in California and was spotted applying sunscreen

Prince Harry bares his chest
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Prince Harry bared his chest as he applied suncream at a recent charity Polo match, and fans were delighted to get a glimpse of the Duke of Sussex's toned physique. 

Prince Harry was snapped at a charity polo match in California on May 6, 2022, the same day that the Royal Family celebrated Archie’s birthday, as Meghan and Prince Harry's eldest son turned three years old.

While many were pleased to see the Duke of Sussex contributing his time to raise money for a variety of charities, other fans were more interested in the Duke's fine figure that he revealed while an aide applied suncream to his back.

As the California sun shone, the Prince lifted up his polo shirt from the back in order to reveal his chest and back so an aide could apply suncream.

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However, this was somewhat of a controversial event. The royal has agreed to participate in a series of charity polo matches, some of which clash with the Queen's Platinum jubilee.

Some are concerned that Prince Harry's Jubilee weekend plan will upstage the Queen, as the Prince will likely be playing polo during some parts of this celebration and may pull the focus from Her Majesty and onto himself. This appears to be a tricky situation for the Prince who also doesn't have an established role at the jubilee as the Queen confirmed Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won't join her on the jubilee balcony 'after careful consideration.'

Meghan Markle

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This is just more bad news for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as it was also recently revealed that Meghan Markle's animated series 'Pearl' was ditched by Netflix before it even began. 

This was just one of the many productions that were canceled by the streaming service but this news has evidently put a dampener on the beginning of Archewell Productions' lucrative deal with Netflix, which has been estimated to be worth more than $100 million.

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