Lady Louise to pay tribute to Prince Philip at Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Lady Louise is set to pay tribute to her late grandfather Prince Philip at the Queen's upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Lady Louise to pay tribute to Prince Philip
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It's been revealed that Lady Louise is set to pay tribute to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in June as the Royal Family prepare for Jubilee celebrations. 

AS the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations near, members of the Royal Family are preparing to contribute to the celebrations in their own unique ways.  Despite being too young to be an active working member of the Royal Family, Lady Louise Windsor is preparing to contribute to the celebrations by showing off the talent that she shares with her late grandfather. 

Lady Louise is a keen equestrian and is particularly fond of horse cart racing, an interest that she shared with the Duke of Edinburgh. Recently, Lady Louise has climbed the ranks at important events in this sport and has proven herself to be extremely capable when it comes to this sport. 

It has been reported that it is this skill that she intends to demonstrate at the jubilee celebrations in tribute to Prince Philip. The Telegraph revealed that Lady Louise would drive the Duke of Edinburgh’s carriage at the Royal Windsor Horse Show's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show will take place between May 12 and May 15, and is just one of the many aspects of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee that is set to include a magnificent tribute to her favorite passion. Last year the Queen surprised fans at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and it is hoped that once again the Queen will be in attendance in her casual attire.

Lady Louise Windsor

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This tribute is set to take place in just a few days, and there are still many aspects of the jubilee celebration that royal fans can look forward to.

There is a Jubilee Pudding Competition, and the Duchess of Cornwall and Mary Berry have teamed up to decide who will be the winner of this iconic event and which pudding will commemorate this special occasion.

There will also be a four-day bank holiday weekend in the UK, a Platinum Jubilee concert with a number of incredible performers, and to top it all off, a pageant! 

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