The Queen surprises fans at the Royal Windsor Horse Show—'No way does she look her age'

The Queen looked very relaxed as she attended an event on her private grounds in Windsor

the Queen
(Image credit: Mark Cuthbert / Contributor/ Getty Images)

The Queen opted for casual attire as she attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show which took place on her own private grounds.

Many were intrigued to see the Queen in casual clothes as the 95-year old monarch arrived at a horse racing event held at Windsor Castle.

The Queen is typically pictured in matching hat and coat combinations, with heels and a little handbag. So many were surprised to see her majesty in casual clothing and a snazzy pair of sunglasses but the look didn't disappoint.

The Queen wore a long navy padded gilet over her crisp white shirt, teamed with a bright teal cardigan and grey cotton skirt. 

She accessorized the outfit with classic brown leather shoes, pearl earrings and a pair of very trendy sunglasses. The monarch also had a pair of spectacles at hand so that she could properly see the races taking place. 

the Queen

(Image credit: Mark Cuthbert / Contributor / Getty Images)

The Queen was also pictured laughing as she drove her range rover to the event. Fans loved this image of the monarch behind the wheel and many took to social media to discuss her impressive driving and youthful appearance. 

One fan said, "Now that is phenomenal. She is looking so well." Another said, "No way does she look her age, you're only as old as you feel. Here’s to many more years, Queen Elizabeth." 

One Twitter user even remarked, "She’s the nation’s grandmother." Many agreed with this comment and said, "[She's] like a granny, not a monarch. So natural and warm and lovely. A very 'human' picture."

The Queen took time to unwind at the event as she's had a busy week of touring Scotland and meeting local business owners who are fighting against climate change. It was on this tour that two young boys had an amusing reaction to meeting the Queen in Scotland, as they seemed more interested in what they were eating.

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