The Queen shares heartbreaking bond with this member of the Royal Family

The Queen shares a heartbreaking bond with another key member of the Royal Family as it's revealed they have a sad fact in common

Queen shares heartbreaking bond
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The Queen shares a heartbreaking bond with a certain member of the Royal Family which has just been revealed by Buckingham Palace.

Celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is set to take place this June as the Queen marks the 70 years since her coronation. 

In celebration of this milestone, the Royal Family's social media pages shared a post that reflected on previous jubilee celebrations. Sadly, this recent post may have hit a little bit close to home for the Queen who shares a uniquely sad bond with this former monarch.

"As we celebrate The Queen’s #PlatinumJubilee this year, we’ve gone into the Royal Archives to see how other Monarch’s commemorated these special milestones. This week, we’re looking at how Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1887," read the post.

The post went on to reveal that among the celebrations, Queen Victoria reflected on her sadness that her husband was not able to share this celebration with her. 

The post read, "Following a family dinner in the evening, The Queen wrote about the celebrations, with a tinge of sadness that her beloved Albert wasn’t there: 'I sat alone oh! without my beloved Husband (for whom this would have been such a proud day!'"

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Although the Queen and Prince Philip were together to celebrate her Golden Jubilee, which marked the 50th anniversary of her ascension to the throne and was celebrated in 2002, like Queen Victoria, the Queen will be marking this milestone without her beloved husband.

In April 2021, Prince Philip died age 99 at Windsor Castle. The Duke passed away when the Queen had been on the throne for nearly 69 years, so he was just one year shy of marking her Platinum celebration with Her Majesty.

However, in his lifetime the Duke of Edinburgh did mark the Queen's Silver, Ruby, Golden, Diamond, and Sapphire Jubilees which spanned from 1977 to 2017.

Until 2015, Queen Victoria had been the longest-reigning monarch in British History but Her Majesty has now surpassed her relative's 63-year reign. It seems that Queen Elizabeth II shares a number of unique similarities with her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

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