Prince George's adorably sweet gesture shows he's just like Prince William

Prince George's sweet gesture shows his similarity with Prince William, as the youngster's kindness is revealed by an insider

Prince George's sweet gesture
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Prince George's sweet gesture has been revealed by an insider, and his similarity to his father, Prince William, is obvious.

A charity exec has revealed that during the lockdown, Prince George, the eldest of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's children and the third in the royal line of succession, organized a charity fundraiser to help wild animals.

Reportedly the youngster helped to organize a charity bake sale in order to raise money for Tusk, a charity that works to save wild animals from poachers and advances conservation across Africa.

Charlie Mayhew, chief executive of Tusk, told GB News, "Prince George very sweetly did a little cake sale to raise money for Tusk during lockdown and wrote a very sweet card about it, clearly demonstrating his concern for Africa’s wildlife.”

Prince George

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This gesture from the young Prince is particularly sweet considering Prince William is the royal patron of Tusk. The Duke reportedly works closely with the Tusk CEO and even sends him Whatsapp messages about certain issues. The CEO of Tusk added that the Duke of Cambridge uses, "his patronage of Tusk as a means to get some very powerful messages across." 

This is a passion that the Duke of Cambridge has clearly passed on to his children who share his passion for wildlife conservation and want to help combat environmental issues, in whatever way they can.

Prince George

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Prince George's love of animals has been well-established over the years and the youngster has even spoken with David Attenborough before.

David Attenborough revealed the sweet details of his 'charming' conversation with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. "When I was his age, I remember being given fossils by a grown-up, so I thought I would do the same," said David.

"[George asked] What it was? How big it was? And so on. He was certainly very interested. He seemed to like it. He is very interested in fossils. She [Charlotte] was too. All three seemed charming," concluded the broadcaster and biologist. 

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