Prince George's adorably awkward reaction to meeting tennis champ Djokovic at Wimbledon

Prince George met Djokovic at Wimbledon on the weekend after the tennis champion won his seventh Wimbledon title and met with the royals

Prince George met Djokovic
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Prince George met Djokovic at the Wimbledon finals at the weekend, and the youngster's adorably awkward reaction has caught the attention of fans.

Prince George stole the show at Wimbledon, as the eldest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children was allowed to finally attend this London sporting event with his parents.

The young boy looked adorable in a navy suit and matching striped tie and looked enthusiastic as he sat in the Wimbledon Royal Box to enjoy the amazing tennis game that had fans from across the world glued to their screens.

Prince George and Kate Middleton at Wimbledon

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Following the match, Prince George was given the opportunity to meet the tennis champion as Novak Djokovic took the time to greet the royal attendees. 

In a video posted by Wimbledon, the tennis champion shook hands with Prince William who then introduced his eldest son. Prince George smiled and shook Djokovic's hand and when the tennis champ asked him what he thought of the match, the Prince said it was 'great' and put up two thumbs up. 

Djokovic kindly handed his winning trophy over to the young royal who admired the magnificent prize. His mother, Catherine, stepped into help her son and ensured that the top of the trophy didn't fall off while he admired it.

Djokovic spoke to the Prince about his love of tennis and George said that he preferred forehand rather than backhand or other types of strokes. The tennis champ then thanked him for coming to watch the match and once again shook hands with the royals and said goodbye.

After the excitement of meeting the tennis player, Prince George seemed somewhat awestruck and walked over to a nearby sofa and took a seat. He then placed his hands on his face as he seemed overwhelmed to have met the tennis legend.

Although many were focused on Prince George's sweet appearance at this event, it was Catherine's spot-on Wimbledon fashion that caught the attention of others. Kate Middleton's elegant polka-dot silk dress stole the show at the Wimbledon finals as her navy dress was an instant hit with fashion fans.

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