Prince Charles's 'strong bonds of friendship' with royal relatives displayed at Ascot

Prince Charles's 'strong bonds of friendship' with Zara Tindall and the Countess of Wessex were on full display at Royal Ascot

Prince Charles's 'strong bonds of friendship'
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Prince Charles's 'strong bonds of friendship' were on full display at Ascot on Tuesday, June 14, as he greeted and chatted with some of his royal relatives. 

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles attended Royal Ascot with a number of other royals who watched the races from the Royal box. At this informal event, the royals greeted one another casually, and photographs were taken of the Royal Family's sweet interactions with one another.

A body language expert has revealed that these small gestures such as hugs and kisses show the family's close relationship and Prince Charles' love of the extended Royal Family.

Prince Charles

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Speaking to the Express, body language expert Judi James said that these recent snaps show a 'very jovial and tactile Charles at Ascot'.

"He was positively beaming in delight as he chats to Sophie and possibly puckering for what looks like a kiss on the lips from his niece Zara," the expert said.

This is unusual for Charles explains Judi as she says, "Charles’s facial features are so often scrunched and steepled into an expression. This suggests the duty of Prince-ship weighs heavily on his shoulders."

"Even with his wife Camilla, their PDAs tend to be restricted to the odd pat or passing smile," said Judi as she added, "Here though Charles looks in the best spirits of recent years and the mood seems contagious. Sophie is clearly sharing a fun moment with her husband’s brother."

Prince Charles

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The expert added that the laughter between Charles and his relatives suggests a strong friendship. "Sophie and Charles are roaring with laughter here. Their body language is so mirrored it implies strong bonds of friendship."

Then speaking about his relationship with his eldest royal niece, Judi suggested that the pair are clearly 'fond' of one another." Zara is obviously incredibly fond of her uncle and keen to show that affection in public,” said Judi. 

Prince Charles

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"Zara always uses some very tactile body language rituals during her greetings with her uncle at events like this. For instance, looping her arm around his neck and leaning in as she kisses him." But the expert then added that it was the Prince's response to Zara's tactile gesture that was particularly 'sweet.'

"But Charles’s response here is extra sweet and affectionate in what looks like a spontaneous way." Judi added, "This is the first time I have seen Charles perform a greeting kiss in public without wincing as he does so."

Prince Charles' friendships with other members of the Royal Family have been closely scrutinized recently as Kate Middleton and Prince Charles' adorable moment at the Order of the Garter catches fans' attention and many commented that the father and daughter-in-law had, 'such a lovely relationship.' It seems that Prince Charles is close with many members of his extended family and this can be seen more and more during these more informal occasions.

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