Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla share sneak peek of Clarence House's regal decor in new photos

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have shared a virtual tour of their London residence

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla
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Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have shared a virtual tour of their London residence, Clarence House—so we can all have a snoop around the royal household!

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have allowed cameras inside of their London home. The virtual tour can now be viewed through Google Arts and Culture.

The royal couple said, "Until the day visitors can be welcomed back to Clarence House for public tours, you can still take a peek inside The Prince and The Duchess’s official London residence through Google Arts & Culture."

The virtual tour allows viewers to walk around certain parts of the royal household and see all the decor, statues, and paintings enjoyed by the royals.

The tour also has some sweet aspects and hidden details that can be spotted by eagle-eyed fans. This includes the afternoon tea that is set out for Charles and Camilla in the drawing-room. 

Fans can also spot the various framed photographs of different members of the family, including solo images of both Prince Harry and the Queen.

Clarence House usually opens its doors during the summer months and allows visitors from across the globe to visit the royal residence. The royal household is on the Mall in London, which is just a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace.

The royal couple's social media page also revealed that they will be sharing some, "little-known facts" about this London residence and the, "personal treasures that can be found inside." 

Royal fans were delighted and complimented the couple on their interior design. "What an elegant yet cozy-looking room. Love the colors," said one eager individual.

Another added, "Can't wait to hear the little-known facts and see personal treasures at Clarence House."

Clarence House is was first built in the early 1800s, from 1825 to 1827. The building was built for the Duke of Clarence and his wife Adelaide. The Duke later became King William IV. 

The property was also home to Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh who lived in the property from 1949 to 1952. 

Later the property was also home to the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II's mother. She lived at Clarence House for 50 years until Prince Charles moved into the home in 2003.

Clarence House is of the many royal residences that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall call home. The couple also spend their time at their Cotswold home Highgrove House.

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