Queen’s Platinum Jubilee emblem has been revealed and eagle-eyed fans have noticed a ‘clever’ hidden message

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee emblem will celebrate the Queen's 70-year reign

Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem
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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem has been revealed and fans have spotted a lovely detail in the design by 19-year-old Edward Roberts.

To find the Queen's Platinum Jubilee emblem, the Victoria and Albert Museum ran a national competition in collaboration with Buckingham Palace.

An expert panel of judges decided that Edward Roberts, a 19-year-old graphic design student from Nottinghamshire has won, with his fabulous design.

It's Edward's art that will be used to decorate official merchandise for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and will be plastered across banners and bunting in the UK.

The royal family's social media pages revealed that certain aspects celebrate specific details of the Queen's reign.

"The purple nods to the Robe of Estate, worn by The Queen at the Coronation," read the post.

"A continuous platinum line symbolizes The Queen’s 70 years as Monarch," and "The font reflects the Order of Service of the Coronation," the post revealed.

However, eagle-eyed fans also noticed a slight squiggle on top of the emblem that has a very special meaning.

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Although the design was admired by most commenters, some were confused by a random 'squiggle' on the emblem. One commenter queried, "What’s the squiggle at the top. Anyone know?"

One eagle-eyed fan had figured out the meaning behind this subtle design and revealed that the seemingly random line actually forms the number '70' above the crown. "Very clever how he fit “70” in the design," pointed out the fan.

Another fan also spotted this element, "An excellent choice of winner. Love how the continuous line has 70 as part of it, very imaginative. Congratulations, Edward."

"Glad you spotted that! I was wondering what the extra squiggle was for," replied one confused commenter, another fan agreed and added, "Thanks for pointing that out!!"

The 70 is a nod to the Queen's 70-year-long reign which is the cause for the celebration at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

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Fans are delighted for the young designer and many have taken to social media to compliment the talented young man.

"Wow that’s beautiful! Well done Edward! What a feat to achieve at 19 years of age! Fantastic!" said one complimentary commenter.

"Well done Edward. Classy design that will be seen around the world," said another.

One person even offered the young artist a job, "Great work Edward! Beautifully done! I wish you lived closer because I would offer you a job straight away," said one kind commenter.

The Queen's jubilee is set to take place in 2022 and Britons have been granted a four-day bank holiday in order to properly celebrate the festivities.

These festivities will include a Jubilee concert that will feature Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, and more—we can't wait!

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