Prince Charles and Camilla reveal exciting overseas trip as they share controversial image of the Queen

A controversial image of the Queen has been shared by Prince Charles and Camilla as the pair announce their upcoming royal tour

controversial image of the Queen
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A controversial image of the Queen has been shared by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall as the royal couple announces their upcoming tour.

A royal visit to Canada was announced by Clarence House in an Instagram post that revealed the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles will be making the overseas trip next month in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The post revealed that the royal couple would be traveling to Newfoundland and Labrador, Ottawa, and Northwest Territories.

The post also revealed that the royal couple was delighted to be returning to Canada after they visited 5 years ago. "The Prince and The Duchess are looking forward to returning to Canada following their last visit in 2017," said the post.

On a past visit to Canada, Prince Charles commented, "It is, as always, a special joy to be back in Canada again—a place that is very dear to us both. We are always made to feel so much at home in Canada and are greatly touched by the warmth of your welcome."

The Royal Family has always had a close relationship with Canada, with Prince Charles first visiting more than 50 years ago in 1970, and the country being the most visited country by the Queen during her 70-year reign.

To demonstrate these close ties, the Instagram post shared some nostalgic images of the Queen and Prince Philip on a previous visit. However, some of these images are somewhat controversial.

The fourth image in the post showed a photograph of Her Majesty and Prince Philip while on a royal tour in Canada in 1951, with the Duke of Edinburgh in a large stetson and Her Majesty in a fur coat.

At the time the Queen was still a Princess and was wearing a mink fur coat which had been a wedding present from Canada. While this might have been a sweet gesture at the time as a sign of respect to the country she was visiting, fur coats have now become a controversial fashion item.

Fur coats are so controversial that in 2019, the Queen swore off wearing real fur entirely and will now only ever be seen in fake fur, if she wears fur at all. It is thought that she owns a variety of fur items, many of which she has been photographed in, but will continue to keep those items in storage.

Despite this throwback image, fans were excited about the prospect of the royal couple's tour and many are now counting down the days until the Prince, who is next in the royal line of succession, visits this Commonwealth country.

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