Meghan Markle shares sad real reason she 'rarely wore color' while she was a royal

In the third episode of the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, Meghan Markle revealed she 'rarely wore color' for this reason

Meghan Markle revealed she 'rarely wore color'
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In the new Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have opened up about their lives and their experience as senior members of the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle revealed she 'rarely wore color' when she was a senior member of the Royal Family. The Duchess explained in the third episode that this was because she was worried about clashing with Kate Middleton, the Queen, or the Queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles, and causing any problems.

"Most of the time that I was in the UK, I rarely wore color. There was thought in that. To my understanding, you can't ever wear the same color as Her Majesty, is there's a group event. But then you also should never be wearing the same color as one of the other more senior members of the family," said Meghan.

The Duchess explained that she then settled on wearing a lot of muted colors. "So I was like, 'well, what's a color that they'll probably never wear? camel? beige? white?' So I wore a lot of muted tones, but it was also so I could just blend in," she said. 

The Duchess then added,"Like I'm not trying to stand out here. So there's no version of me joining this family and trying to not do everything I could to fit in. I don't want to embarrass the family."

Meghan Markle

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In the third episode, Meghan also spoke about how she struggled to adjust to royal life and was often found to be breaking royal protocols by the press.

Harry claimed, "On top of that, with the press, a lot of invented royal protocals." Headlines on the screen then appeared about how Meghan's stockings and her hair were not meeting the royal standard and the Duchess was 'violating a major fashion rule' with some of her looks.

It seems that even when the Duchess did opt to wear 'muted' tones so that she didn't ruffle any feathers in the family, she still managed to cause issues and the press found fault with her fashion looks. 

Meghan Markle

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In the series, the couple made other revelations about their relationship. Prince Harry said he was terrified Meghan would be driven away by media attention as he compared her to Princess Diana. It was also revealed that Prince Harry had an 'extensive list' of requirements of what he was looking for in a partner

The couple shared a lot in just the first volume of this series. With more episodes expected next Thursday, on December 15, many are wondering; what can we expect from Harry & Meghan's Netflix series volume two?

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