Prince Harry terrified Meghan would be driven away by media attention as he compares her to Princess Diana

In Netflix's Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry opened up about how he was scared that Meghan would be driven away like his past girlfriends

Netflix's Harry & Meghan
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Netflix's Harry & Meghan has launched on the streaming platform and fans have been shocked by the royal couple's frank discussion about their relationship. 

On November 8, the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan were released on Netflix. In the first episode of the show, the royal couple focused on the beginning of their relationship as they launched into the first volume of their documentary series. 

In the episode, Prince Harry spoke openly about how much his mother suffered at the hands of the press. He explained that this happened to her as soon as she married into the Royal Family, and only increased once it was announced that she and Charles were ending their relationship. 

"My mum was harassed throughout her life with my dad. But after they separated, the harassment went to new levels," said the Prince.

"The moment she divorced, the moment she left the institution, then she was by herself. Yeah, she may have been one of the most influential, powerful women in the world, but she was completely exposed to this," he said.

The Prince said that through his mother's experience, he learned how difficult it was for women marrying into the Royal Family. "I saw things, I experienced things, I learned things, the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution," he said.

"I remember thinking how can I ever find someone who is willing and capable to be able to withstand all the baggage that comes with being with me?" said Harry as he applied his mother's experience to the struggles he has had to maintain romantic relationships in the public eye.

Speaking about his former girlfriends he said, "Every relationship that I had, within a matter of weeks or months, was splattered all over the newspapers, and that person's family harassed and their lives turned upside down. So after one or two girlfriends, the third or fourth girlfriend would be like ‘hang on a second, I don’t know if I want this.’" 

The Prince then called Meghan by her nickname 'M' as he said, "So when I got to meet M, I was terrified of her being driven away by the media. The same media that had driven away so many other people away from me.”

"So much of what Meghan is, and how she is, is so similar to my mum," said Harry at one point as he compared his wife with his late mother. "She has the same compassion, she has the same empathy, she has the same confidence. She has this warmth about her."

Harry & Meghan

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The second volume of the docuseries will drop on November 15. As the third episode in the first volume focused on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's engagement, therefore it can be presumed that the next episode will focus on their marriage and the immediate aftermath as the couple became senior royals together.

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