Prince Harry had an 'extensive list' of requirements of what he was looking for in a partner

Prince Harry's 'extensive list' of requirements was revealed by his wife Meghan in their Netflix documentary - so what was on it?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kissing in a still from their Netflix documentary series.
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Prince Harry's requirements for his dream partner were, according to his wife Meghan Markle, an extensive list. Luckily for the Duchess, she fit the bill. So what did it take to get that ring?

On learning how Harry and Meghan actually met (spoiler alert, it's so relatable), you'd think it was all easy as pie. However, it turns out that things only progressed as Meghan met his 'extensive list' of requirements.

Describing their first date, after messaging like crazy, the loved-up pair discuss how they met at Soho House 76 Dean Street, a private members club in London's bustling Soho. 

Despite all of the excitement ahead of meeting - Harry actually turned up half an hour late. Meghan, like any normal person, was pretty ticked off about his tardiness and made assumptions about his character.

"I couldn't understand why he would be late," she says. "But he kept texting. He was like, 'I'm in traffic. I'm so sorry.'"

Harry, who genuinely was stuck in traffic adds, "I was panicking, I was freaking out. I was like, sweating."

His wife adds, "I didn't know him so I was like, 'oh, this is what he does. Got it.'" When asked what she means she explains she thought he was, "one of those guys who have so much of an ego...that any girl would sit around waiting for a half an hour for you. I was just not interested in that."

However when the Prince walked in as he described it, "a hot sweaty red ball of mess," Meghan said it was crystal clear that he wasn't that type of guy at all. "He was just so sweet," she said, laughing.

The pair got on so well that they organized a second date, same place, but this time for dinner. The forward Duchess asked him - which she said he thought was very forward and 'American.'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry depart after visiting Nechells Wellbeing Centre on March 8, 2018 in Birmingham, England.

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That night, they just clicked and realized there was something truly special and it felt so right that they even took a quick selfie. If a picture is a thousand words, this one is a million. As Meghan puts it, "there was one photo, we just wanted to capture the feeling of just sitting in that little restaurant and going 'oh my gosh. I think we're gonna give it a go'"

The Prince adds, "That was when it just hit me like, 'okay, this girl...this woman is amazing, is everything that I've been looking for. And she's so comfortable and relaxed in my company.'"

This is when Meghan brings up the aforementioned requirements. "He had a list, apparently, of what he was looking extensive list."

Prince Harry and Meghan MArkle smiling lovingly at each other in the rain under an umbrella in a still from their new Netflix documentary.

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Harry, visibly mortified says, "let's not go there." When the interviewer presses further for a few tidbits from the list he says, "not sharing the list...good, nice try," as Meghan laughs, Harry loosens up a bit and starts to laugh too. Pointing at his wife he says, "this is the list."

As they look adoringly at each other, having a laugh, Meghan adds, "good answer."

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