Meghan Markle reflects on her 'funny' afterschool 'ritual' as a young girl

The Duchess of Sussex was joined by Prince Harry and mum Doria Ragland in New York City on Tuesday as she accepted a prestigious award

Meghan Markle reveals 'funny' afterschool 'ritual' as a young girl in new speech
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Meghan Markle revealed her wholesome afterschool 'ritual' during her acceptance speech for the Women of Vision Award in New York City on Tuesday, much to the excitement of her devout fanbase. 

Meghan Markle shared a sweet anecdote from her childhood last night after winning the Ms. Foundation's Women of Vision award in New York City, much to the excitement of her doting fanbase. 

The Duchess of Sussex was joined by Prince Harry for the glitzy event on Tuesday, marking the couple's first public outing together since their trip to the Lakers vs Grizzlies basketball game in April. The 41-year-old's proud mother, Doria Ragland, was also in attendance. 

After gracing the stage to accept the Ms. Foundation’s Women of Vision Award (which recognizes women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields), Meghan delivered a powerful speech on female empowerment. 

"It's just never too late to start," she told the audience. "You can be the visionary of your own life." 


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Meghan, who has used her public platform to support a wide range of philanthropic causes in the past, has never been shy about her feminist beliefs. 

The former Suits star has supported multiple organizations that support women, including employment and educational programs, charities for vulnerable pregnant women and mothers, and domestic violence services. Her Spotify podcast, Archetypes, also sought to empower women by dismantling stereotypes that have preserved and reinforced female oppression for centuries. 


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"You can charter a path in which what you repeat in your daily acts of service, in kindness, in advocacy, in grace and in fairness, that those become the very things that are recognised by the next wave of women, both young and old who will also choose this moment to join the movement, and make our vision for an equitable world, reality," the duchess continued in her moving address. 

Elsewhere in the speech, Meghan paid tribute to the Ms. Foundation by reflecting on a sweet childhood memory. The retired actor revealed that she always enjoyed dinner by watching her favorite show alongside a collection of random items on the coffee table - including the organization's own magazines. 

"It's funny because as a young girl, I would come home, I would settle in after a day of school, pull up my TV tray dinner, and I would turn on my evening ritual, Jeopardy!" she recalled. 

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"And I would glance at the coffee table, where I would see an array of things. It could be the cat's collar, my homework, some mail that had just been brought in, and some magazines. The magazines said Ms. on them."

Meghan went on to reveal she remembered the pictures of the magazines "vividly", recalling that they had "a diversity that I hadn't seen as often, both of color and of age." She also praised the publication for highlighting the broad scope of careers women could have, noting, "There were Congresswomen, there were astronauts" across its pages "and the topics were different." 

"From mothering to being a working mom, to heavier topics such as domestic violence, the poverty line, unearthing its roots, where it comes from, and matters of equity," the duchess added. 

Meghan also hailed US journalist and renowned feminist Gloria Steinman, who presented the royal with the prestigious accolade. The duchess thanked her fellow activist, who is the co-founder of Ms., for "the inspiration that you are, for your mentorship, your sage advice, your extraordinarily cheeky sense of humor and, of course, for your incredible friendship." 

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