Where to buy Meghan Markle's favourite £47 candle

The Duchess shared a rare glimpse into her LA home interiors yesterday...

Meghan Markle
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Yesterday Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance on US TV show America's Got Talent, to wish one of the contestants - Archie Williams - luck during the final of the series.

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles earlier this year and, during the coronavirus pandemic, have been delivering various video messages from their new home in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

During the AGT final, Meghan shared a pre-recorded message - but this time, also shared an amazing look at the gorgeous interior of her home.

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Previously, we've only seen a glimpse of a wall, or a hint of a chair during the Duke and Duchess's video calls - so it was a rare treat to see how the Sussex family have begun to decorate their new family home.

So how can we get Meghan's stunning interior for ourselves? Well, luckily, a few of her home decor items are available to buy!

To the left of Meghan is a Diptyque candle (above) - known to be one of her very favourite brands. It is the Tubereuse /Tuberose candle, which is on sale for £47.

VIEW HERE: DiptyqueTubereuse/Tuberose candle, £47

The candle is the scent of tuberose - a fragrant white flower originally found in Southern India.It gives off a heady fresh scent, with fruity, milk tones. The perfect zen candle for home! The 190g version of the candle is widely available for £47 - or, the mini version is just £27.

Will you be purchasing it, for a home that smells just like Meghan's?


The Duchess also has an array of coffee table books, including A Photographer's Life; 1990-2005 by Annie Leibovitz, which documents the life and work of the celebrated photographer.

Harry and Meghan Markle also own Women: the National Geographic Image Collection - celebrating the lives of influential women across the globe include Oprah Winfrey and Jane Goodall.

Will you be purchasing any of the couples home decor buys then?

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Amy Hunt

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