Diptyque Cyber Monday: Save 20% on luxe candles and fragrances to finally become a 'Diptyque Candle Woman'

These are the Diptyque Cyber Monday deals you have been dreaming about

Diptyque Cyber Monday deals on a green background including 34 soap, second life candle holder and tempo eau de parfum
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Diptyque Cyber Monday deals are here! And not only is this one last chance to snap up some excellent deals, it could also be an opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle.  

If you've ever dreamed about being a 'Diptyque Candle Woman' then stop dreaming and start shopping because the Diptyque Cyber Monday deals are selling fast. Right now Selfridges is offering a huge 20% off a selection of the Parisian brand's luxury scented candles, fragrance, and skincare, with clever members discounts available at Harrods and Liberty too. 

Have you ever met a Diptyque Candle Woman? She's impossibly chic, wears navy men's cashmere jumpers that somehow don't look boring, and has a ridiculously beautiful home filled with —you guessed it— Diptyque candles.  Side effects of meeting said woman include: Briefly considering a macrobiotic diet, fixating on virtual tours of rural farmhouses, and a desperate longing for, if not several, then just one perfect Diptyque candle. 

And guess what? These Diptyque Cyber Monday deals may be the nudge you need to embrace your inner DCW. As well as their beloved candles, you can also snap up ultra-chic Cyber Monday Perfume Deals, body products, and luxe skincare with a tasty and pretty rare reduction in price. 

But let's face it, it's really all about those candles. 

Where are the best Diptyque Cyber Monday deals in the US?

Diptyque Cyber Monday deals US: Our Beauty Editor's pick

Diptyque Figuier scented candle 70g  $34.50, $27.60 (save $6.90) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
A thoughtful gift for a loved one, this smaller-sized candle in a classic juicy fig scent will be sure to go down well with whoever you gift it to. And is a perfect way to embrace the Diptyque Candle Woman vibe without breaking the bank.

Diptyque Basile gold-tone brass candle holder $71 $56.80 (save $14.20) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
This isn't just a candle holder, it's a work of art. Intricately designed to fit on top of any Diptyque candle, it will throw beautiful sparkling light displays around your room once the flame is lit. (p.s. We didn't tell you this, but it also fits on just about any other 190g candle you might have at home)

Diptyque Second Life candle Accessory $54 $43.20 (save $10.80) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
If you're enough of a DCW to own both 190g and 70g Diptyque candles, this beautiful accessory will help you display them to perfection. It's designed to be used for candles that have burned down, so you can use the empty votive for storage or simply a beautiful display object. 

Diptyque Baies, Figuier and Roses mini candles 3 x 70g: $98 $78.40 (save $19.60) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
Who wouldn't want three beautiful candles in some of the brand's most iconic scents? This contains berry-infused Baies, smoky, ripe fig-based Figuier and classic floral Roses.

Diptyque Rinse-free hand wash: $28.50 $22.80 (save $5.70) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
If we're all going to be sanitizing our hands for a while longer, why not do it in the most fabulous style with this? Non-drying and infused with almond oil it smells delicious and will look the part when you whip it out of your purse.

Diptyque Sapin limited-edition scented candle: $70 $63 (save $7 with rewards) | Harrods (opens in new tab)
Diptyque's festive candles are always a delight to behold, and this year's beautiful speckled design is the pick-me-up we need after a slog of a year. The candle itself has notes of pine and smoke. Expect a burn time of 60 hours.

Diptyque Tubereuse room spray $60 $48 (save $12) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
The easiest way to make your home smell like a Diptyque Candle Woman's abode is this luxury room spray. This particular scent is fleshy, heady and sexy tuberose—perfect for parties (or the bedroom)

Diptyque Baies Gift Set: $119 $107.10 (save $11.90 with rewards) | Harrods (opens in new tab)
Who could resist three beautiful products scented with one of Diptyque's best-selling fragrances, all housed in a beautifully illustrated box? Answer: Nobody. Details-wise, this contains a 70g Candle, 50ml Interior spray, and Scented oval for your home, all with the beautiful Baies fragrance.

Diptyque Roses hourglass diffuser: £161, $144.90 (save $16.10 with rewards) | Harrods (opens in new tab)
Diptyque are always coming up with genius new ways to enjoy their scents, and this might just be our favorite yet. A beautiful hourglass ornament filled on both sides with fine fragrance oil, tip it up and slowly infuse your home with the scent of your choice (we love Roses for winter)

Diptyque Roses scented oval: $57, $45.60 (save $11.40) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
Many of us are turning back to soap bars for their nostalgic appeal and eco-credentials. Think you prefer liquid hand washes? If there's any bar that will turn you back it's this fine fragrance, ultra-chic soap on a rope by Diptyque. 

Diptyque Philosykos hand & body gel: $40.50 $32.40 (save $8.10) | Selfridges  (opens in new tab)
Diptyque Cyber Monday isn't all about the candles. This is the sweetest, most sophisticated little hand and body wash I ever did see, fragranced with figs, tree sap, and cedar. DCW would definitely have one of these in her downstairs loo.  

Diptyque wick trimmer: $30, $24 (save $6) | Selfridges  (opens in new tab)
When it comes to burning candles, wick trimming is an essential step that too often gets overlooked. By keeping the wick neat, the candle burns more evenly and stops excess smoke from being emitted. Snap up this lovely wick trimmer and get the most out of your fragrance investment!

Where are the best Diptyque Cyber Monday deals in the UK?

Diptyque Cyber Monday deals UK: Our Beauty Editor's pick

Diptyque Baies scented candle 190g: £49 £39.20 (save £9.80) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
Basically the Beyoncé of Diptyque candles, this is universally adored, omnipresent in the homes of DCW's and deservedly so. Blackcurrant and roses combine for a very classy fragrance. 

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Soap: £25 £22.50 (save £2.50) | Diptyque (opens in new tab)
The most aspirational soap bar we've ever seen, this is infused with sweet almond oil to condition the skin and fragranced with moss, blackcurrant leaves and sun-dried fig leaves.

Diptyque Tempo eau de parfum: £125 £100 (save £25) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
One of Diptyque's most beautiful and unique fragrances, this is heady, mossy, and a little bit floral. Notes include Patchouli, smoky maté tea, clary sage and powdery violet.   

Diptyque Baies Candle 300g: £68 £61.20 (save £6.80) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
This super-sized Baies candle is the ultimate Diptyque Candle Woman interior accessory. In a sleek hand-blown black glass votive, it has a burn time of over 100 hours and would elevate any room you choose to put it in. 

Diptyque scented candles set of five: £65, £58.50 (save £6.50 with rewards) | Harrods  (opens in new tab)
Five times the fun with this gorgeous gift set combining Baies, Roses, Figuire, Feu de Bois, Mimosa candles in dinky 35g sizes. The arty illustrated box will make a lovely keepsake for years to come.

Diptyque Electric Wall Diffuser: £90 £72 (save £18) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
Another genius way to have every guest who walks into your home compliment you about how good it smells, simply pop in a fragrance capsule, plug it in and let the classy aroma waft out. The chic gold-tone cover is just the cherry on top. 

Diptyque Feu de Bois scented candle: £49 £39.20 (save £9.80)| Selfridges
(opens in new tab)
My all-time favorite Diptyque candle with the most gorgeous smoky, sexy fragrance. The name translates as wood fire but the scent is so much more than that. A mix of embers and exotic lapsang tea so delicious it's all I can do not to drink it. 

Diptyque Baies Reed Diffuser and Refill set: £138  £110.40 (save £27.60) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
This beautiful reed diffuser is made with bevilled glass and contains Diptyque's signature berry and rose scent. Not only is it beautiful and super giftable, the set is also great value as it contains enough fine fragrance for months of scenting. 

Diptyque Rich Butter for the body: £55 £44 (save £11) | Selfridges (opens in new tab)
Diptyque's scented skincare doesn't get the airtime of the candles but it is very much worth paying attention to. This nourishing and luxuriously textured body cream comes in a beautiful reusable glass jar and has a light floral fragrance. 

Diptyque Car Diffuser 34 Boulevard Saint Germain  £79 £63.20 (save £15.80)| Selfridges (opens in new tab)
What's that? Only the fanciest car fragrance of all time (infinitely superior to those pine-scented trees) This chic reusable diffuser is designed to smell like the brand's original boutique, with notes of moss, blackcurrant leaves, and sun-dried fig. 

Diptyque Eau Des Sens eau de toilette 100ml: £75 £67.50 (save £7.50 with rewards) | Harrods (opens in new tab)
This fresh but soft perfume blends woody and floral notes of orange blossom, juniper berry and patchouli to evoke a citrusy but comforting sense of summer.

Diptyque Eau De Parfum Discovery Set: £92, £82.80 (save £9.20 with rewards) | Harrods (opens in new tab)
There's fragrance, and then there's Diptyque fragrance. This beautiful set contains five of the brand's best-loved scents—Fleur de Peau, Do Son, Orphéon Tam Dao and Eau Capitale—for the person who has everything. 

Diptyque sales are rare and we expect the hero products to be snapped up swiftly, but rest assured we'll keep checking back on retailers throughout Cyber Monday to find the best deals.

While we may never attain that country pile or perfect minimalist wardrobe of the Diptyque Candle Woman—we'll always have the candles.

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