King Charles reveals his secret tip for the perfect roast potato

King Charles' secret for perfect roast potatoes has been revealed by His Majesty while he was at a royal engagement in Bradford

King Charles' secret for perfect roast potatoes
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King Charles' secret for perfect roast potatoes has been revealed as His Majesty spoke with butchers at the Morrisons superstore in Bradford. 

While there are common foods the royal family is banned from eating, it has been well established that - like most people in Britain - the Royal Family love a good Sunday roast. While at a royal engagement, the King revealed how he enjoys his roast potatoes, and the secret ingredient he uses to make them extra crispy. 

Rebecca English, the Royal Editor at the Daily Mail, posted a video of the King chatting with a butcher in Morrisons. In the caption, the correspondent revealed that  His Majesty gave the butcher an insight into his perfect roastie, and said that he likes to have his potatoes cooked in the fat from the joint of meat.

"At the Bradford HQ of @Morrisons The King offered his tip for the perfect roast potato (cook them in fat from the joint!) as he smelt an ‘irresistible’ rib of beef," read the tweet. 

Traditionally people can use vegan or vegeterian oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, or vegetable oil when roasting potatoes. The choice to use meat fat suggests that the King prefers a more indulgent potato, and also makes use of the fat that is left once the meat is cooked. "His Majesty is absolutely spot on! Nothing better than a beef dripping roast potato," said one commenter who loved the King's secret tip. 

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While in Morrisons, the King gave a speech about his well wishes for the staff. "It's a great joy to see you all today," said Charles, "I had no idea quite how many of you worked here at Morrisons."

The King added, "It has been a great pleasure to meet at least some of you and to see what a remarkable operation is run throughout this country." He added that the work he saw at the supermarket to become more environmentally friendly, "is so enormously heartening".

Later in the day, the King visited Bradford City Hall. Charles sipped on tea as he attended the reception and met with some of the City's inspiring young leaders who are working on changing the community for the better.

The King then visited the 'Rebellion to Romance' exhibition and met with the Leeds' Jamaican Community. The exhibition explored the lives of second-generation West Indians in Leeds in the 1970s and 1980s.

The King will continue his northern tour on November 9, and will be joined by his wife, Queen consort Camilla. The royal couple will be attending a variety of engagements in York and Doncaster, including an emotional event involving the late Queen Elizabeth II. The couple will unveil a statue of the late Queen at York Minster.

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