King Charles praised for 'down-to-earth' attitude as he chats candidly with 'unexpected double act'

During an appearance on BBC's The Repair Shop, King Charles III delighted fans who labeled him a 'top bloke' as he showed his playful side

King Charles's 'down-to-earth'
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King Charles's 'down-to-earth' appearance on The Repair Shop has been met with praise from viewers who loved the monarch's relaxed attitude on the BBC show.

King Charles celebrated the BBC's 100-year anniversary with a surprise appearance on The Repair Shop. On the show, which aired on October 26, the monarch asked the craftsmen to restore a piece of pottery made for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. He also requested the team to help him to fix an 18th Century bracket clock from the collection at Dumfries House. 

The show was a one-off royal special that was met with five-star reviews and huge praise from royal fans. Viewers were quick to praise the King's lighthearted demeanor as he joked with the team and showed his more relaxed and playful side.

"I'm genuinely impressed by The King on The Repair Shop. Not stuffy at all. Posh voice but a down to earth manner. Very different to his mother," said one viewer.

Charles even won over some non-royalists. "Watching King Charles on the ‘Repair Shop’ confirms I think he’s bloody brilliant and I’m no royalist," said another viewer. 

"Dare I say it but two top blokes from VERY different backgrounds but it’s as if they’ve known each other for years. What a great unexpected double act #jayblades #therepairshop #repairshop," said another who loved how well Charles and the host, Jay, got on during the show.

The King also received praise from fans who loved his approach to education. Charles commented that academic pursuits are not the natural path for many young people and said that he was delighted that The Repair Shop was highlighting some of the practical skills that people can learn and develop into careers.

In the show, the then Prince of Wales commented, "I still think the great tragedy is the lack of vocational education in schools, actually not everybody is designed for the academic." He then spoke about his own educational charity as he said, "I know from the Prince’s Trust, I have seen the difference we can make to people who have technical skills which we need all the time, I have the greatest admiration for people."

Charles added, "I think that’s been the biggest problem, sometimes that is forgotten. Apprenticeships are vital but they just abandoned apprenticeships for some reason. It gives people intense satisfaction and reward."

Fans loved this statement from the King and many took to social media to compliment his forward-thinking comments. "Tonight’s #repairshop shows King Charles cares more about our kid’s futures than most of our politicians! He’s absolutely right; we need more apprenticeship programmes," said one viewer.

"Congratulations to Jay Blades and team on tonight’s #RepairShop #TheRepairShop with King Charles, shining a light on apprenticeships and craft skills. Inspiring to watch and encouraging to see all of these diverse skills celebrated," said another.

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