Kate Middleton's rare comment about Princess Diana reveals sweet connection to late mother-in-law

Kate Middleton's sweet connection to Princess Diana has been revealed as the Princess makes a rare revelation about her late mother-in-law

Kate Middleton's sweet connection to Princess Diana
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Kate Middleton's sweet connection to Princess Diana has been revealed as the Princess discussed her late mother-in-law with some royal fans.

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Dowlais Rugby Club in Merthyr Tydfil. For this event, Kate Middleton wore an on-trend Barbour Jacket and looked fantastic as she chatted with the royal fans who came out to meet the royal couple.

While chatting with royal fans, the Princess was complimented on her engagement ring which once belonged to Princess Diana. Princess Catherine said, "It’s the same ring and it’s exactly the same size as when I tried it on." She then added, "It’s very special. What an honor to be able to wear it."

The Princess has not revealed this special detail about her engagement ring before and it was a sweet revelation that the Princesses both shared the same size and alterations were not necessary. 

This is perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of royal jewelry and was first selected by Princess Diana as her engagement ring to Prince Charles. When the late Princess of Wales died, this ring passed onto her son Prince William, who then used this ring to propose to Catherine in 2010 while on holiday in Africa.

In one of the best celebrity engagement stories, William revealed that he had been hiding the engagement ring in his bag throughout their holiday in Kenya and he was extremely worried about losing this priceless family heirloom. Thankfully, he did not lose the ring - and it fit perfectly!

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

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In addition to talking to the royal fan about her engagement ring, the Princess also spoke about how she believes she would have been a wonderful grandmother to her three children.

"I never, sadly, got to meet her," said Kate to the fan. She was then asked about Princess Diana as a grandmother and said, "She’d be brilliant," she then added sadly on behalf of her children and husband, "We miss her every day."

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

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The Princess wears three rings on her ring finger, this includes her sapphire and diamond engagement ring from Prince William and two other less expensive pieces. Kate also wears a wedding ring made from a lump of yellow Welsh gold that has been used to create wedding rings in the Royal Family for decades.

Kate Middleton's eternity ring made from white gold and diamonds is the third piece of jewelry that she wears on her ring finger. This is the latest addition to her marital jewelry set and sits on top of her other rings. These three rings can often be seen on the Princess' finger as she wears them in a neatly stacked style.

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