Kate Middleton's engagement ring stuns royal fans in rare close-up video

Kate Middleton's engagement ring, which belonged to Princess Diana, proves a major distraction in the Duchess' latest cute video

Kate Middleton's nail polish
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Kate Middleton's engagement ring stuns royal fans as the Duchess shares a clever video message to announce an upcoming trip to Denmark. Although the video displays a sweet message and her Lego prowess, all fans are talking about is her ring!

In the video, the Duchess is seen playing with Lego, one of Denmark's most famous creations. The hard-working Royal reveals in the caption that she's going on an official trip to Denmark in the upcoming weeks for a very important cause.

It reads, "Looking forward to learning from experts, parents and practitioners about Denmark’s approach to early childhood later this month."

"Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years," explains the Duchess. "Which values the roles of parents and results in both communities of support and government policies that underpin the best start in life."

She ends her caption with, "På snarligt gensyn. C," which is the Danish for, "see you soon."

In truth, despite this exciting and potentially impactful visit, all royal fans are noticing is her engagement ring—which is rarely seen up close. Shockingly though, it nearly wasn't her's and this is who was supposed to receive Duchess Catherine’s stunning engagement ring.

The ring, which belonged to Princess Diana, was initially inherited by Prince Harry, but he gave it up to his brother so he could propose to Kate.

"This is awesome! I can’t wait to learn more. Also, I didn’t realize what account this was at first. I just kept thinking….dang….look at the size of that ring. Lol!" said one of her loyal fans.

One user commented, "I had no idea at first who the video was from then I saw the bug sapphire and I was like OH."

Another added, "I just kept looking at her amazing Engagement 💍....its rare to see it up that close...Tak..🇭🇲🇬🇧🇩🇰❣"

Although the ring drew gasps from adoring fans, her upcoming trip sounds like it will be a very important for the Duchess, who's passionate about education and mental health. Also, we're psyched to see all of Kate Middleton's dresses on this trip!

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