Kate Middleton's foundation that gives effortlessly flawless skin is on sale right now

If Kate Middleton's eternally glowing skin is anything to go off, we'd say this foundation is a winner

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Kate Middleton's favourite foundation that creates a radiant complexion is on a pretty generous sale right now - and we'd recommend snatching it up before it sells out (again).

The Princess of Wales has gorgeous skin that she reportedly maintains with a number of high-end beauty products - for example, she loves the Clarins Ultimate Lip Perfector for a stunning, naturally plump lip that stays all day. And let's be honest here, who among us wouldn't want to emulate Kate's enviable glow?

Luckily, we just found out the exact tinted moisturizer that the Princess is known to use, the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, is now on sale - and for a pretty generous discount.

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Shop Kate Middleton's Beauty Routine

Kate was once spotted on a shopping trip in London's Sloane Square, picking up the cult favorite Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Natural Skin Perfector - and ever since that fateful day, royal fans and beauty lovers all over the globe have fawned over this magic makeup product.

Since then, the SPF-based tinted moisturizer has been a staple for those who love the natural glowy look that it gives, as well as the light yet effective coverage and sun protection.

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The French product's formulation is lightweight and infused with Tamarind Seed Extract, helping the skin retain moisture to prevent water evaporation. There's also the added bonus of broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, helping to fight against aging and sun damage.

There are a number of other products used by the Princess that help her maintain her flawless skin. Kate Middleton's organic rosehip face oil and the Bobbi Brown bronzer loved by Kate Middleton are also other secret weapons that she uses to create her effortlessly glowing skin finish.

This product is perfect for the Princess who needs makeup that will last all day for royal engagements and won't appear cakey or oily when she is having her photograph taken or appears under fluorescent lights. Luckily, though, if you struggle with cakey foundation, we just found out a 10-second hack that can prevent cakey texture really easily.  

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