Kate Middleton's CBeebies jumper is our latest obsession—here's how you can get your hands on this cozy knit

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a super high roll neck for her appearance on CBeebies bedtime stories, here's how you can buy the look

Kate Middleton's CBeebies jumper
(Image credit: Kensington Palace / BBC)

The jumper that Kate Middleton wore for her CBeebies bedtime story appearance has already caught the attention of fans who covet this gorgeous winter essential. 

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed reading a bedtime story from Kensington Palace as she participated in the beloved CBeebies bedtime stories program. 

Although many fans said Kate Middleton's latest project proves she's the 'Children's Princess,' others were more focused on the Duchess' stunning outfit as she wore a traditional Fair Isle style sweater for the reading.

The jumper worn by the Duchess was purchased at British retailer Holland Cooper and features a traditional grey and white pattern and a super high rill neck. 

The relaxed style is perfect for a casual look with jeans, but could also be paired with skirts for a more dressed-up look. The detailed gold hardware on the cuff and shoulders also added a regal accessory to the Duchess' chill jeans and jumper look.

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Cream Fairisle Knit jumper Holland Cooper | £175

Cream Fairisle Knit jumper Holland Cooper | £175

This cream jumper favored by the Duchess of Cambridge is made from extra-soft yarn in the traditional 'Fairisle' design.

If you want to try out the Duchess' effortlessly casual look, you may have to wait a while. As soon as images of the Duchess in this sweater were released, the item immediately sold out. The best bet is to get on the email waiting list and wait for the product to come back online. 

Holland Cooper also sells a black and grey version of this classic sweater, and some sizes of the grey style are still in stock.

If you want to emulate the Duchess' style, but you don't exactly have her royal budget, there are also other brands that sell similar products to the Duchess' Holland Cooper sweater, but for a much more affordable price. 

Holland Cooper is also only available for UK shoppers, so here are some jumpers you can buy in the UK and the US.

Lambswool Icelandic Crew, The House of Bruhar | £72.95 (£49.95)

Lambswool Icelandic Crew, The House of Bruhar | £72.95 (£49.95)

Made from 100% pure new wool, this intricately designed jumper is soft and warm and inspired by Nordic knitwear.

Brushed Fair Isle Pattern Yoke Jumper, Radley London | $84.00 (£62.00)

Brushed Fair Isle Pattern Yoke Jumper, Radley London | $84.00 (£62.00)

This Radley jumper has the classic cream and grey fair isle pattern that the Duchess wore at her recent royal engagement.

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