Kate Middleton wraps up in cozy bottle green coat with matching handbag and gold earrings under $100

Kate Middleton's green coat and matching micro bag caught the attention of fans as the Princess stepped out in the north of England

Kate Middleton's green coat
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Catherine, the Princess of Wales, wore a beautiful cream and green outfit on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, as she visited the University of Leeds. 

The Princess of Wales is currently attending a variety of royal engagements as she promotes her Shaping Us campaign which raises awareness of the unique importance of early childhood. 

While attending this important event in Leeds, the Princess rewore some of her favorite items and showed off a few new purchases in her royal wardrobe. Kate Middleton's green coat was a bespoke Alexander McQueen look which the Princess also owns in red. She paired this coat with a matching green handbag from Manu Atelier. 

Underneath this green ensemble, Catherine wore a new cream cotton blend knitted dress made by the designer Victoria Beckham, and she paired this look with some chunky and inexpensive gold hoops. The earrings are the Biaritz Squiggle hoops from the designer Shyla London. Unlike some of the more expensive pieces of jewelry belonging to the Princess, this pair of earrings are perfectly affordable and cost less than $100! Making them the perfect choice if you want to emulate Kate's fabulous style -  without breaking the bank!

Kate Middleton

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Biaritz Squiggle Earrings ,£74.00 ($92) | Shyla London (opens in new tab)

Biaritz Squiggle Earrings,£74.00 ($92) | Shyla London (opens in new tab)

The Biaritz Squiggle earrings are the brand's newest most exquisite gold solid earrings. Handmade and formed of multiple layers of gold, this style is timeless and elegant and feminine. 

Aside from meeting with students, The Princess of Wales brought the Shaping Us campaign to Kirkgate Market in Leeds. Catherine spoke to vendors and members of the public about this project and asked them about their experiences of early childhood. 

Members of the public loved Catherine's work and thanked the Princess online for her charitable project. "Thank you for caring about children and your time and research from a school counselor who sees the truth in your work on a daily basis," said one follower who could see the impact of this initiative. "This will be a lasting legacy of the Princess of Wales. ❤️ Thank you," said another.

Kate Middleton

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The campaign was announced just yesterday on January 30 when the Prince and Princess of Wales made an appearance at BAFTA in London. The royal couple attended a reception and announced that the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood has a new campaign, Shaping Us. 

For this important event - which marked Catherine's biggest solo campaign so far - Kate wore a  daring red suit and affordable ‘regency’ earrings as she announced the why this work has been her passion project for such a long time. 

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