Kate Middleton shares rare insight into Prince Louis's school life in utterly adorable moment during latest special engagement

Kate Middleton shared a rare insight into her youngest son's life at school as she attended an engagement close to her heart

Kate Middleton shared a rare insight into her youngest son's life at school as she highlighted that she is a hands-on parent
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Kate Middleton shared a rare insight into her youngest son, Prince Louis's life at Lambrook School in Berkshire.

On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Kate Middleton transformed her look with a chic plaited up-do, a cherry red Zara blazer and pointed-toe flats as she stepped out for an engagement in Sittingbourne. 

The Princess visited one of the 100 Portage service centres in the UK, which is an essential service for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and their families. This was an engagement particularly close to the Princess of Wales's heart as it was in support of her charitable initiative, The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. 

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While at this engagement, images showed the Princess playing with some of the children and chatting to the parents and service users present at the event. The Daily Mail reported that while chatting to Darcie, a three-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, and her mother, she gave a brief insight into her youngest son's school life.

The Princess helped Darcie pour colourful pieces of paper into a cup and encouraged the little girl by telling her 'Well Done.' Then speaking to her mother she commented, "Louis’ got a Darcie in his class."

While this was only a brief insight, the comment suggested that the Princess was being down to earth and making a connection with the family by saying that her son also had a classmate with the same name. It was also a clear indication that the Princess has a hands-on parenting style and likes to keep up with her children's education and who they are interacting with at school.

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Prince Louis is now educated at Lambrook School with his older brother, Prince George and sister, Princess Charlotte. Recently, the Prince and Princess of Wales were snapped attending Prince George's football game and keeping a low profile as they cheered their son along with all of the other parents. 

The images were of course not officially taken, but were spread on social media. The couple dressed down in jeans and trainers, and the Prince wore a baseball cap - adding to his incognito look.


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The low-key appearance was yet another display of the Prince and Princess's attentive parenting style as they make sure that their positions as the future King and Queen of the UK and Commonwealth, won't disrupt their children's schooling and childhood. 

It has also been reported that rather than letting one of their many staff members take their children to school, the Princess of Wales prefers to take her children herself. Reportedly, Kate Middleton's low-key school run look involves 'very little make-up' and hair up in a ponytail - something that any busy parent can relate to when they're trying to get three sleepy children into school first thing!

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