Kate Middleton opens up on the royal role she never expected and how she 'fell in love' with Prince William

At a royal engagement in Bath the Princess of Wales opened up about whether she wanted to join the Royal Family

Kate Middleton revealed how she 'fell in love'
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At a recent engagement, Kate Middleton revealed how she 'fell in love' with the Prince of Wales and how she never expected to become a member of the Royal Family.

On Tuesday, Princess Catherine visited the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and learned more about how the youth development charity pairs athletes with young people to help them build essential skills like confidence for the future.

During this royal engagement, the Princess sat down with a group of schoolgirls supported by the charity at St Katherine's School in Bristol and answered some of their questions. When asked is she wanted to be a member of the Royal Family, the Princess answered diplomatically and revealed that while it wasn't ever anything that she expected to happen, she "fell in love" with William.

This romantic answer delighted the listeners who also asked how the Princess learned how to be a royal. Catherine answered truthfully and revealed it was something she 'had to learn'.

Kate Middleton

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Dame Kelly confirmed this story and Daily Mail reported that the athlete revealed, "They were just asking her about being a royal. Was it something that she wanted to do? And she said she had to learn. It’s a struggle to know that you can be accepted and fit in and you are still learning every day."

"Doing public speaking isn’t a natural thing for lots of people is it? And she was saying she is still working that out but has to project. So you know again, she humanized everything. Not everyone is perfect."

Dame Kelly also asked the Princess about her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, and asked if she could see how her children were taking after her.

Kelly said, "I asked her, I said you’ve got three children and do you see different traits in them? She said: 'Oh yes,' and she said that’s the thing. It’s like learning how to handle the different traits and different needs and abilities even with three young children shows her the need to do it with masses of children."

Dame Kelly also called the Princess 'lovely' as she revealed how open she was to chat and told the sportswoman, "Ask me questions as well."

Kate Middleton's

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For this event, Kate Middleton's bright yellow LK Bennett blazer added the perfect pop of color to her all-white outfit. This has become a go-to look for the Princess when she needs to amp up a casual look and add an extra je ne sais quoi to a monochrome look.

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