The father-son bonding time Prince George is set for when William gets home from Singapore

The Prince of Wales has been abroad for the Earthshot Prize Awards

Prince George and Prince William
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Prince William will land back in the UK tonight after spending some time in Singapore and he's set for some sweet father-son bonding time with Prince George. 

Life has been incredibly hectic for the Prince and Princess of Wales recently. While Prince William has been away in Singapore for the Earthshot Prize Awards, where he took a glamorous photo with this surprising A-lister and also had the cutest reaction to a baby biting his finger, Kate has been at home holding down the fort in between her recent engagements. 

And while Kate is showing off her 'confidence' and proving that she ‘feels good about herself’ while wearing a chic all black ensemble, we know that the family are struggling to balance their work life with their one at home. The couple have long followed the rule that their 'children come first,' but it's put them in 'difficult position' of choosing between family life and monarchy. And we know that Prince William especially is haunted by his mother's 'biggest parenting regret' which was reportedly that she spent too much time away from her kids in order to fulfil her work duties. 

But tonight, as Prince William returns to the UK and his family, he's likely planning to make up for his time away with some sweet father-son bonding with Prince George. 

prince william and george

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That's because the pair's favourite football team, Aston Villa, are playing a game tonight and the future King shared details of his plans to watch the game from home at Adelaide Cottage in a video shared on the Prince and Princess of Wales's Instagram. 

"We get back tomorrow and I'm rather looking forward to tuning into Villa's game against Alkmaar which will be at Villa Park - which I thought about going to," William said.

"But I think with the jet lag I might actually fall asleep watching the game. So I'll be watching it from home cheering on the Villa."

The football night in may offer a welcome time to unwind for George who is busy with some very important exams. We'd like to imagine that they'll get out some snacks and watch the game for some father-son bonding. 

The pair's mutual love for the football team is something that's seen them both get passionately involved in the sport, watching with exaggerated facial expressions from the stands as they either delight over a goal, or dismay over a red card.

Earlier this year when they both attended the club's match against Nottingham Forest in Birmingham, body language expert Judi James shared how the bond between the father and son was clear to see as they enjoyed each other's company.

Speaking about how George 'mirrored' his dad's gestures throughout the game, she told The Express, "Mirroring, or postural echo, is a form of mimicry that can signal like-minded thinking, empathy, and even admiration or hero-worship.

"When George was smaller he could be seen deliberately copying his dad, looking very much like the chip off the old block. Now he is older, that mimicry looks from these pictures to have intensified.

"He dresses like William and the pair respond to the sporting action in ways that are at times identical, even when those responses look spontaneous."

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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While the Aston Villa game might provide a fun night for George, the pressure will no dount be back on tomorrow. The ISEB exam George is set to take will decide whether or not he is accepted to any of the top boarding schools in the country including Eton, the school that it appears his sights are set on. 

James Mitchell, the co-founder of tutoring company Think Tutors told HELLO! Magazine that the competition for kids to get into these high-end schools is incredibly difficult, no matter if you're a royal or not. 

"The competition is like getting into Oxford. There are students in the public eye who Eton rejects even with a similar standing to Prince George and so Eton is probably one of the only schools in the country where they don't need donations, they need the best students that they can possibly get."

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