Kate Middleton proves her 'confidence' as she shows she 'feels good about herself' during solo outing

The Princess of Wales is 'reminiscent of Princess Diana' with her 'professional' and 'empathetic' manner

Kate Middleton proves her 'confidence'
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Kate Middleton's most recent solo engagement has one body language expert drawing comparisons between her and the late Princess Diana, as she appeared 'confident' and 'strong’ while 'immersing' herself in the activities. 

Princess Catherine has long been compared to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. Whether it's because she's stepped out in the dress style that Princess Diana was often spotted wearing or it's down to her parenting style that's reminiscent of the late Princess', people delight in the similar approach they both take to royal life

Kate's most recent solo engagement has only heightened the comparisons between the pair. Stepping out in a laid-back outfit that consisted of a gold button blazer followed by all-camo and skinny jeans, Kate visited the Robertson Barracks in Norfolk and learned to drive a seven-tonne armed vehicle before meeting with soldiers and their families. 

But while many focused on the heavy-hitting activities Kate took part in, one body language expert was more drawn in by the Princess' 'confident' and 'strong' presence that proved she 'is the image' of the late Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton in combat gear

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, body language expert Darren Stanton shared that throughout the day Kate proved that she is 'feeling good about herself' and 'likes her independence', as she enjoyed her royal duties away from Prince William. 

"Kate has shown she is in a good place. She’s feeling good about herself and likes the independence," he said. "She was seen communicating and being open with everyone. You can see this through her engaged eye contact, and open gestures when she's speaking with the soldiers. She gave her her full attention and I could see Kate showed a lot of empathy and respect towards everyone. She treats everyone how she would want to be treated. She wants there to be transparency between her and everyone. 

Kate Middleton proves her 'confidence'

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"Kate seems to be listening very intently and with her whole focus and engagement. It's clear she is fully focused and genuinely interested in what they're telling her - she's there to learn. Kate wants people to know that while she's there for a purpose, she’s also there to make the most of every moment. 

"When we look at her relaxed posture and eye contact, her emotions are completely genuine and she is enjoying herself. She feels privileged to be with these people and doesn't take anything for granted. From looking at the way she's standing and carrying herself, she knows she is extremely confident and in control of herself. I can tell she feels happy and strong within herself."

Kate Middleton proves her 'confidence'

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We've come to expect nothing less than confidence and professionalism from Kate over the years. It's hard to believe that she had a 'crippling fear' of public speaking before marrying Prince William now that we've seen her being so relaxed in front of the huge crowds that gather wherever she is. But she's had a brilliant role model to help her get through in the form of her husband's late mother, Princess Diana. 

But while many focus only on the pair's similar fashion taste, or the sweet connection they both share, according to Darren, it's not just Kate's clothing that is 'reminiscent' of the late Princess.  

Kate Middleton proves her 'confidence'

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Kate also has the same open and professional approach to royal engagements as her mother-in-law, the expert believes. Using her visit to the army barracks as an example, Darren explained how something as simple as Kate's outfit change showed the Princess' keenness for 'getting stuck in,' a trait Diana was often known for.

"Kate was first seen wearing a black blazer, with black being a colour of solemnity. It wouldn't have been appropriate for her to be wearing anything else," he explained. "She always dresses very appropriately and knows how important that is for her to get it spot on.

"Princess Kate is the image of Princess Diana. It's so reminiscent of the way Diana was back in her day. Kate later dressed head to toe in combat gear, including a camouflage jacket and vest. It just tells us how Kate never shies away from involving herself 100% no matter what it may be. She wants to prove she's always up for getting stuck in, immersing herself into any Royal engagement but being professional about it, too."

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