'So much of Diana can be seen in Kate' on anniversary of the Princess of Wales' death

Kate Middleton's similarities to Princess Diana have been highlighted by a body language expert on the anniversary of the Princess' death

Kate Middleton's similarities to Princess Diana
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Kate Middleton's similarities to Princess Diana have been highlighted by a body language expert.

On the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, body language and behavioural expert Darren Stanton has revealed the key character traits of Princess Diana's that have been adopted by the Duchess of Cambrige over the years.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren revealed that 'so much of Diana can be seen in Kate'.The expert began by talking about the strength of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's marriage. 

"Kate and William are so well suited that even a decade down the line, their marriage is going from strength to strength, with the couple more united than ever as they take on more duties as senior Royals and prepare themselves for the likely eventuality that they’ll take over the monarchy. They are a rock to each other and so much of Diana can be seen in Kate. She is a very compassionate person and willing to use her position to influence and help make the lives of others better," said Darren.

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The expert added that like Diana, Kate is happy to interact with people from a variety of different backgrounds. This is when she shines as a royal as she is able to show her 'humility'.

"Like William, she is not afraid to step outside of the box and do what is required to help, we often see Kate getting stuck in during her Royal appearances and she has no qualms when it comes to engaging and interacting with others from everyday walks of lives, much like Diana did," said Darren. "It is in her nature to show humility and be understanding and these values are instrumental in the popularity Kate and William have amongst the British public."

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The expert added that Kate even mirrors Diana's 'non-verbal behavior' to show her 'genuine interest' in the people she is interacting with as a royal.

"You’ll notice that when Kate is interacting with others, she always shows fixed eye contact, her head often tilts to the left - these are signs that a person is taking in and carefully considering what the other is saying. This is called active listening and you can tell with Kate she is genuinely interested and soaking up every exchange she has while carrying out her duties. We saw this same non-verbal behaviour from Diana, with this ‘genuine interest’ being a key similarity between the pair," concluded the expert.

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The expert added that the Duke of Cambridge has also inherited many of his mother's traits. "William is the eldest brother and heir to the throne and it’s clear from the way he carries himself that Diana plays an important and integral part in his life every day. Diana’s core values are compassion, humility and the ability to show love to those less fortunate - William has definitely inherited many of Diana’s character traits," revealed the expert.

"From his humanitarian work, it’s clear he’s not afraid to get his hands quite dirty and we often see the empathy he has for others during his Royal engagements. He interacts with the public much like his mother did - often breaking protocol to greet crowds in a more tactile manner," said Darren referencing the times he has hugged members of the public.

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The body language expert added that it is likely that the Duchess of Cambridge has been instrumental in helping her husband find this more 'compassionate side'.

"While there’s no doubt that Kate has helped William to embrace his compassionate side, even before they married, William was often seen sharing his support and patronage to many charities to do what he could to help. However, Kate’s  willingness when it comes to her Royal duties appears to have had a big influence on the way that William now thinks," said Darren.

The expert concluded that both William and Kate are continuing to project some of Princess Diana's best traits. "William’s body language now shows signs of openness, integrity, honesty and a desire to connect with all of those he comes into contact with, whether it’s Royalty, a public figure, politician or member of the public - a trait his mother Diana was known for and one Kate has continuously shown," said Darren.

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