Fans are loving this video of Catherine and Prince William’s very rare sweet moment

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  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for almost eight years now – their anniversary is next month – but it’s not often we see them being publicly affectionate with each other.

    The royal couple prefer to refrain from PDA while on public duties –  so when we do get a glimpse of it, it’s natural that royal fans swoon over the couple.

    One of those moments was captured on camera, as the pair were preparing to travel to Blackpool from their home in London’s Kensington Palace for a royal engagement.

    As they walked to the helicopter, the pair were filmed holding hands – which doesn’t happen in public very often.

    The royals are often seen getting into helicopters in this part of Kensington Palace, which is viewable to the public, unlike the rest of the complex.

    Fans loved the sweet clip of the couple, and started gushing over the moments in the comments section.

    One said, ‘My heart hahaha why this little gesture is just heartwarming ❤️❤️ it is love 💗’.

    A second wrote, ‘They are literally my favourite couple in all the world. A match made in heaven ♥️’.

    A third also said, ‘Absolutely love this…’

    The couple, who have been married since 2011, also shared another sweet moment back in October, at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

    While waiting for the ceremony to start inside St George’s Chapel, Kate and William were spotted holding hands in the live broadcast of the ceremony.

    During their visit to Blackpool, William also revealed he’s had some unexpected help in doing Charlotte’s hair – YouTube tutorials.

    According to People, he told a fellow dad, “Never try to do a ponytail. Nightmare.”

    His wife then asked him, “Have you tried to do a plait [braid]? It’s the weaving…really hard.”

    To which William jokingly replied, “I can do [Charlotte’s] ponytail, but that’s about it as I don’t have enough hair to practice on!”

    Never mind William – it’s great to try!

    FROM: GoodToKnow, our sister site. Written by Mariana Cerqueira.

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