Duchess Camilla's Wiltshire estate wrapped up in awkward neighbour drama

A tourist holiday home will sit next to Duchess Camilla's Wiltshire estate as her neighbor gets permission to let property

Camilla's Wiltshire estate
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The Duchess of Cornwall is currently involved in some awkward neighbor drama as it has been revealed that Camilla's Wiltshire estate will soon be bordered by a tourist holiday home.

The Duchess of Cornwall lives primarily in two royal households. Her Gloucestershire property that she shares with Prince Charles, Highgrove House, and London property near Buckingham Palace, Clarence House

Although the Duchess lives in these royal homes, she also has a private Wiltshire mansion - Ray Mill House, in Lacock - that she lived in before her marriage to Prince Charles in 2005. Camilla Parker Bowles has been involved in a dispute with the neighbors of this property for some time.

In January 2019, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall lost a bitter planning battle with her neighbor at her Wiltshire home. Her close neighbor, Phil Clayton who owns the neighboring property The Old Mill, which shares a private lane entrance with the Duchess' home, decided to build a new building on his estate which was just 60 meters (around 200ft) from the Duchess' property. 

Despite complaining about this building on three separate occasions, Camilla lost this bitter planning battle. 

The Duchess is now facing yet another blow, as it has now been revealed, that her neighbor's property has just received permission to become a holiday rental. This means the Duchess will just be a stone's throw from tourists and holidaymakers looking to stay in the Wiltshire area.

Prince Charles

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The Daily Mail reported that Camilla, "has been at loggerheads with her only close neighbors, the Claytons, who have been renovating their estate for the last five years - much to the reported fury of locals. They both share the same private driveway and the Claytons have been allowed by Wiltshire Council to convert the first floor of a former garage into a one-bedroom flat for tourists."

While the Duchess does have other homes that she can stay at, it is thought that she enjoys staying in her private home at Ray Mill House in order to escape tourists who visit Highgrove House when it is open to the public in the summer and welcomes tens of thousands of guests.

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