Queen goes off-script to reveal ‘dinner party’ plans in unusually candid moment in Scotland

The Queen stopped to make casual conversation with the public during her visit to Scotland for Royal Week, a resurfaced video has shown

Queen reveals 'dinner party' plans in Scotland
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The Queen showed off her casual side during a royal walkabout back in 1998, stopping to share a few off-script words with a member of the public. 

A video of the Queen acting surprisingly casual with the public has resurfaced online, proving that even the 96-year-old monarch can turn off the formalities every now and then. 

In the short clip, Her Majesty can be seen completing a walkabout in Dundee, Scotland on 29 June 1998, as part of her annual visit to the country for Holyrood Week. Wearing a navy hat and matching coat, the royal matriarch halts abruptly to answer a question from a member of the crowd – much to the awe of her royal staff and the surrounding spectators. The throwback to the funny exchange comes just one day after the Queen made a beeline for Scottish whisky during her audience with Nicola Sturgeon at the Palace of Holyroodhouse


Queen in Dundee, Scotland in 1998 

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"Are you watching the match tonight, ma'am?" the man asks, referring to England's game against Argentina in the FIFA World Cup in France that evening. The Queen stops walking at this point, seemingly struck by the sports query. 

"Well, I don't know what time it is," she admits. When he confirms that kick-off is at 'eight o'clock', Her Majesty reveals it conflicts with her "dinner party." 

"Will you be cheering on England?" the man then asks, to which the Queen quips, "Well, I think one should. We're going to have a very difficult job I think."

The video has since been circulated heavily on social media, with the monarch's casual exchange prompting an outpouring of reactions from royal followers. 

"Cute! I think she’s very witty with her comebacks," one person wrote on TikTok. 

This isn't the first time that the Queen has shown her interest – or perhaps, lack of interest – in the popular ball game. When British magician Tommy Cooper asked her if she liked football after a Royal Variety Performance, she reportedly replied, "Not particularly, no." The Welsh entertainer decided to take the opportunity to then see if he could have her tickets for the Cup Final – a cheeky question to ask anyone, let alone royalty. 

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