Duchess Camilla shares ‘worry’ over granddaughters becoming teenagers – ‘They’re quite keen to have a good argument!’

The Duchess of Cornwall has admitted that she misses when her granddaughters, Lola Parker Bowles and Eliza Lopes, were small

Duchess Camilla shares ‘worry’ over granddaughters becoming teenagers
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Duchess Camilla has shared her 'worry' over her beloved granddaughters growing up, admitting that they've no fear of arguments as they get older.   

  • Duchess Camilla has revealed that she worries about her granddaughters becoming teenagers, admitting that she'd like to 'make them small again' to avoid dealing with their arguments. 
  • The future Queen Consort shared the rare insight into her relationship with Lola Parker Bowles, 15, and Eliza Lopes, 14, in a new interview.
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Duchess Camilla has revealed that she worries about her two granddaughters getting older, admitting that she's already noticed a shift in their personalities as they enter their teenage years. 

The future Queen Consort shared the rare insight into her family life shortly after the broadcast of Camilla's Country Life, an ITV documentary following her journey as guest-editor of the British magazine of the same name. The royal icon was invited to take on the exciting job in celebration of her 75th birthday, which falls on July 17, and the lifestyle publication's 125th anniversary. Kate Middleton also had a hand in the creative project, heading to Duchess Camilla's Wiltshire estate to photograph her for the cover of the glossy mag. 

Speaking to Australian Women's Weekly, the working royal gave some rare insight into her relationship with her grandkids – and why she sometimes finds it difficult to accept them growing up. 

The 74-year-old is the proud nana to ten children in total, five of whom hail from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles and the other five spawning from her second marriage to Prince Charles. In the recent interview, Camilla spoke specifically of Lola Parker Bowles, the 15-year-old daughter of her son, Tom, and Eliza Lopes, the 14-year-old child of her daughter, Laura. 


Prince Charles holds Eliza Lopes at Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding in 2011 

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"The girls are becoming teenagers, which is a bit of a worry," she admitted. "I’d quite like to put a lid on their heads and make them small again because they’re all sweet and scrubbed and nice. Now they’re quite keen to have a good argument!" 

Despite missing the simplicity of their infantile characters, Camilla continues to enjoy Lola and Eliza's company. 

"They’re just fun to be with," she said. "I love being with them, eating together, going to see a film or a play. They’re great enthusiasts. And it’s always nice to be in touch with that generation because it keeps you abreast of young people’s feelings and ideas."

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