Why Kate Middleton was medically advised to miss Wimbledon

It has been revealed that Kate Middleton was medically advised to miss Wimbledon a few years ago because of a very important condition

Kate Middleton was medically advised
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Kate Middleton was medically advised to miss Wimbledon a few years ago and missed watching Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon title. But her absence was very justified because of this medical advice...

Tennis is one of Kate Middleton's hobbies that has been well established during her time as a member of the Royal Family. The Duchess has regularly been seen playing tennis at royal engagements and during her own free time and loves to attend Wimbledon every summer.

However, it has been revealed that she was once banned from attending Wimbledon. This was in June 2013 when the Duchess was heavily pregnant with her first son Prince George. Catherine claimed that although she was still eager to attend the sporting event, doctors suggested that it would not be a good idea and instead of sitting in the heat, the Duchess would be better off watching the tennis from home.

Speaking about having to sit this event out, Kate revealed that she pled with doctors to let her attend. In an interview with Sue Barker on the BBC documentary, Our Wimbledon, Kate revealed, "I was very heavily pregnant with George so I wasn't able to turn up.” Sue responded, "But you had a great excuse."

"I know but even still," said Kate. "I was sort of 'Maybe I could go' but the doctors were like 'no'."

Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate pregnant with Prince George in May 2013

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During all three of her pregnancies with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, Catherine has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. This condition is primarily characterized by feeling severely nauseated, vomiting, losing weight, and dehydration.

This meant that during her pregnancies, the Duchess of Cambridge could not attend some royal engagements and she required a lot of bed rest. Fortunately despite challenges during her pregnancies she gave birth to three healthy children.

Kate Middleton

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Since 2013, the Duchess has been keen to attend Wimbledon and she has been seen in the past few weeks attending the event, and even sharing this hobby with her children.

Prince George stole the show at Wimbledon as the Duke and Duchess' eldest son was allowed to attend the sporting event for the first time in July 2022. Prince George's adorably awkward reaction to meeting Djokovic also caught the attention of fans as the Prince seemed starstruck by the Wimbledon champ. It seems that although the youngster may have caused his mother to miss the event nearly a decade ago, he now shares a love for the sport too and cheers happily with his parents in the stands. 

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