Prince William and Kate's adorable summer holiday plans with George, Charlotte and Louis revealed

Prince William and Kate's adorable summer holiday plans have been revealed by a royal expert - and the royal children are in for a treat!

Prince William and Kate's adorable summer
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Prince William and Kate's adorable summer plans for their three children have been revealed by a royal expert who has suggested what might be on the agenda for the Cambridge family this summer break.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's summer holiday plans have been revealed by a royal correspondent who explained that the three youngsters will be enjoying a summer of outdoor pursuits and other adventurous endeavors. 

"The three children are incredibly sporty and, of course, their parents are too,” Ingrid Seward told The Sun. "The focus will very much be on outdoor pursuits, with swimming, fishing, walking, riding, and sailing."

The expert revealed that their holiday will most likely be spent at Balmoral Castle, where the Royal Family can gather and take part in these activities in a relatively private place. "Balmoral is an absolute paradise for children," revealed Ingrid. "They can do all the country things, swimming and fishing in the lochs and George might even go rabbit and grouse shooting with William."

The expert revealed that in this Scottish retreat, the children can even visit the Queen's pony sanctuary. "They also go riding, because they have lots of fell ponies up there and some little Shetland ponies," said Ingrid."Charlotte's mad about ponies, so she is a girl after her own grandmother’s heart." The Queen's pony sanctuary is to preserve the rare breeds of ponies that live in the Scottish highlands. The Queen was awarded with a huge honor in recognition of this passion, as she is helping to keep these breeds from extinction.

The expert added that the children particularly love the simple pleasures while on holiday, much like their great-grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh. "All the kids love it up there because they have picnics every day and sometimes at night they have family barbecues, which were always a favorite of Prince Philip. And kids don't care about the midges and the rain," said Ingrid.

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Balmoral Castle

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The young royals will also get the chance to spend time with other members of the Royal Family at Balmoral.

“This is probably the one time in the year that they have a chance to spend a bit of time with their cousins, and they all get on very well,” says Ingrid. “Peter Phillips’ girls are great fun." Like the Cambridge kids, Savannah and Isla are also the Queen's great-grandchildren and understand the scrutiny that comes along with royal life.

"The Queen is hands-on when they're doing something that she's interested in," says Ingrid who revealed Her Majesty likes to get involved with her great-grandchildren's activities while on holiday.

"If they're riding or learning to ride, she would enjoy helping them with that and will certainly be watching them. She loves to see them learning and achieving things," she said.

The royal expert also spoke about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s surprising chore for Prince George during this countryside break. "There’s also a farm, and Kate recently revealed George helps out in the holidays by moving animal feed. And he loves tractors, as William once revealed, so he can go out on a tractor as well. It’s all there," said Ingrid.

Prince George

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The expert revealed that George, Charlotte, and Louis' may also be treated to a holiday abroad as the Duke and Duchess may be taking them to an island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mustique.

"They usually go up to Balmoral to spend time with the Queen and the rest of the family for a while and, this year, I think they will also go abroad for a short time, probably to Mustique, because William and Kate will want a change of scenery," revealed Ingrid.

"William and Kate haven’t been abroad much with the kids in recent years, apart from a trip to Jordan in the autumn, so I think they’ll be itching to get back to Mustique this year," she said.

Ingrid explained that the children may even be going with their other grandparents, Michael and Carole Middleton, and will enjoy the privacy of this island. “They have all the infrastructure they need there, they have a no-fly zone and all kinds of things in place so they can actually have some privacy," Ingrid explained. "The Middletons are pretty helpful with all this and Carole organizes the Mustique trips."

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