Do George, Charlotte and Louis have a sibling rivalry? Here's why Princess Anne seems to think so

On a podcast, Princess Kate and Prince William explained why their family tends to get rather competitive

The young royals are thought to continue a sweet tradition that started with Prince Philip
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Do George, Charlotte and Louis have a sibling rivalry? Princess Anne recently explained which sport the children are getting into high spirits over.

Mike Tindall, the son-in-law of Princess Anne and husband to Zara Tindall, recently had the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as Princess Anne, on his podcast titled The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby - and revealed that the little princes and princess are developing quite the spirited sibling rivalry over rugby matches these days.

Kate, who is naturally athletic, said on the podcast that she doesn't know where this cheeky rivalry comes from, as she's not all that competitive herself. "I'm really not that competitive, I don't know where this has come from," she told Mike. 

She did then go on to say that whenever she and William play a tennis match, they can never seem to finish because it becomes a "mental challenge" for both of them - so maybe there's a hint of competitiveness! 


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After revealing the end result of most of hers and the Prince's tennis matches, Mike went on to ask if they believe the little ones, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, to have any sort of competition betwixt them. 

After a small moment, Princess Anne interjected and gave her input: "Just a little bit, I would suggest."

Kate went on to say that the kids all have different temperaments, and that can exacerbate certain situations. "What's interesting is that they all obviously [have] very different temperaments," she started, "And as they're growing and trying out different sports - they're obviously still really young - it's going be interesting to see how that grows and develops."


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Prince William said that as their kids grow up, they're teaching them how to "lose well" - because "not many people" know how to do that, according to him. 

"Talking about our children particularly, I want to make sure they understand that," Prince William stressed. "I think it's really important from a young age to understand how to lose, and why we lose, and to grow from it and what you learn from that process."

Also though, William explained that he's trying to teach his kids how to win without boasting, which is why he believes team sports are such a great environment for kids. 

"There's so many life lessons that help us all through life, in friendship building, in relationship building, workplace, that you gain from those early years of playing team sport," he said. 

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