This is why Camilla was ‘terrified’ to move in Charles’ Scottish mansion

The Duchess of Cornwall has revealed that she had a spooky experience in her ITV documentary The Real Camilla.

The documentary saw her being followed around with a camera crew for a year. And she spoke out about the home that Prince Charles found as a dilapidated building in East Ayrshire.

Camilla believed it to be haunted as the Georgian building was so run down and “errie”.

Camilla said, “If you could have seen it when the Prince first spotted it, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same house.

“It was so sad and un-lived in and unloved and neglected.

“And it had a really eerie feel about it – there was definitely a ghost without a showdown of doubt.”

The documentary, which saw the Duchess walking around the grounds of the home with her two rescue dogs, showed how the house had been restored, after Prince Charles took out a £20million loan to renovate it.

But an odd encounter made the Duchess scared to even go back and visit it, until it was properly resorted. She said in the documentary, “Without a shadow of a doubt. I remember the first time I walked up the steps, got into the hall and I thought I can’t go any further.

“I literally froze. If my hair could stand on end, it would have done.

“I remember leaving and thinking I don’t want to come back here again and I didn’t for a few years.”

But despite the ghostly encounter – Charles buying the house bought good news to the local town. In 2007 he used local tradesmen to restore the run down mansion and, in a town where the community had been depressed by the closure of coal mines, he bought work back to the local people.

The house is also now a stately home, open to the public and used for events such as weddings – bringing money into the surrounding area.

And now the house has been resorted, Camilla believes the ghost has gone.

“Whatever was there had disappeared,” she said. “The whole thing seemed to be smiling again.”

Words: Sarah Finley

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