Brand new Princess Charlotte portrait prompts 'mini Queen Elizabeth' comments as young royal beams while continuing fun birthday tradition

The Prince and Princess of Wales released two brand new Princess Charlotte portraits in celebration of her eighth birthday

Princess Charlotte portrait
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In celebration of a young royal's eighth birthday, the Prince and Princess of Wales released two brand new Princess Charlotte portraits to celebrate her special day.

To thank royal fans for their king words about Princess Charlotte's birthday, the Prince and Princess of Wales released a wholesome image of the Princess with a sweet caption expressing their gratitude.

Fans adored this image of the Princess, which was the second Princess Charlotte portrait of the day. Many took to the comments to thank the royal couple. 

"What a treat! Two beautiful pictures. You both don’t have to share your kids with us but we sure appreciate you allowing us to see them grow. 😍" said one fan. "Thank you for sharing two beautiful photos! Happy birthday Princess Charlotte! 🎈🎈🎈," said another.

Other fans were more interested in the familial similarities they could spot between the Princess and other members of the Royal Family.

"Seems like she has eye smile like her grandma ❤️," said one royal commenter who spotted the similarities with Princess Diana. "So pretty. Looks like her dad. What a sweet family!" said another. "She received the best features from both Mama and Daddy! ❤️" added another fan.

"Mini Queen Elizabeth ❤️" commented yet another who could see the Princess's similarities with her great-grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Charlotte

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Portrait Photographer, Millie Pilkington, took this image and also commented on this post to share her best wishes to the young Princess. "So honoured to have been asked to take your portrait Charlotte. And even more so that your parents have shared this. Thank you for making my shoot with you such fun. You are as beautiful in character as you are in life. ❤️," said the photographer.

In this image, the Princess was also seen holding onto the family dog, Orla. This pooch also featured in the photograph the Prince and Princess of Wales shared on Charlotte's seventh birthday in 2022. This shows a sweet tradition forming which highlights the Princess' love of animals and adoration for their family cocker spaniel.

Earlier in the day, a solo portrait of Princess Charlotte was released, this image was taken by Princess Catherine and shows another sweet side to the young royal.

Earlier in the day, Kate Middleton released the sweetest photo of Princess Charlotte for her 8th birthday. The first image featured a beaming Princess Charlotte as she sat back in a large wicker chair while wearing a pretty white dress with embroidered flowers. Fans were quick to notice the sweet details in the photos and commented that Princess Charlotte’s birthday photo featured a special nod to two royals.

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