Kate Middleton released the sweetest photo of Princess Charlotte for her 8th birthday - and everyone is saying the exact same thing

An adorable photo of Princess Charlotte has been released by the Prince and Princess of Wales in celebration of the youngster's birthday

Princess Charlotte's 8th birthday
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Princess Charlotte's 8th birthday is today, May 2. In celebration of her birthday, members of the Royal Family have paid tribute to the youngster. 

On May 2, 2015, Princess Charlotte was born at 8.34am at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, weighing 8lb 3oz. As the second child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte is the third person in the royal line of succession and one of the key members of the Royal Family who will eventually become a working member of the family. 

This position means that there are many eyes on the young royal and she will be in the spotlight for much of her life. However, as she has only made infrequent appearances at royal events, the youngster is still rather sheltered from the public. This means that when her parents decide to release photos of her to the public, there is a fair amount of excitement. 

In celebration of her birthday, the Prince and Princess of Wales released a brand new image of the royal for public consumption.

The image, taken by Charlotte's mother, the Princess of Wales, was a beautiful image of Charlotte sitting in a white wicker chair and smiling broadly. The Princess looked relaxed as she wore her hair down around her shoulders and a pretty white dress embroidered with blue and pink flowers.

Fans adored this image and specifically noticed how much the Princess reminded them of another member of the Royal Family.

"Looks so much like her dad in this shot!! Just beautiful. Happy Charlotte day!" said one royal fan. "She is William's mini-me. Happy birthday Princess Charlotte ❤️🎉🎂🥳🎈" agreed another commenter. "Sweet girl is so so big (and still her dad’s twin)! Happy birthday Charlotte 💕" said yet another.

"You can really see William in her, they are very alike. Lovely relaxed photo. Happy birthday Charlotte," added one fan. "That’s Prince William’s daughter 😍," said another.

The comparisons between Prince William and his only daughter were endless as fans couldn't help but see the similarities between the two.

Princess Charlotte

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These photos for Princess Charlotte's birthday were similar to those released by the royal couple for Prince Louis's fifth birthday last month. For Prince Louis's birthday, the couple shared an image of the young boy sitting in a muddy wheelbarrow as he smiled widely. Similarly, the images of Princess Charlotte had a similar relaxed style and gave a glimpse into their comfortable and normal home life.

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