Your horoscope for 2023 - what's written in the stars for you in the New Year?

Your horoscope 2023 is here, to help you prepare for what lies ahead and inform you on how to deal with the year’s triumphs and disasters

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Your horoscope 2023 looks ahead to a year that encourages growth for a lot of people – whether or not they’re ready! The progress we each make as human beings on Earth is our life’s learning, and 2023 certainly pushes us along, in terms of learning who we really are and what our role is on this planet.

So you've had a peep at your work and money horoscope 2023 and for the romantics out there - your love horoscope 2023 is sure to be of interest. For a general look at what comes next, your horoscope 2023 is the ideal overview for a year that starts off with a bang.

From eclipses to retrogrades, there is full and heavy suitcase of excitement for 2023. If you like your year busy, this upcoming year will not disappoint. A year that starts with a Mercury retrograde ends with a Mercury retrograde, and includes no fewer than four eclipses, will keep you on your toes throughout.

Read your horoscope 2023 via your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign - which you can find in your astrology birth chart. This will offer you the most accurate reading for the year ahead.

Your horoscope 2023


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An auspicious start to the year, Aries, as you hit the ground running with Jupiter in your sign. This generous planet of growth and expansion blesses you with gifts of money and opportunity. You find it easy to secure funding for a project, and you find yourself receiving gifts and unexpected free treats. It’s a good time to invest, until May 16, when Jupiter moves into Taurus.

For nearly three whole months at the start of 2023, Mars is in Gemini, and this brings playful energies into your life. You’re fun anyway, but with your planet in such an entertaining sign, you’ll be finding yourself in hilarious social situations, surrounded by jazz hands, until March 25.


Illustration of Taurus symbol.

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Retrogrades are never good news, and this year you experience a stressful one yourself, Taurus. Your sign is ruled by love planet Venus, because you’re so loving and you’re such a homebody.

Between the dates of June 5 and October 8, Venus is in Leo, minding its own business. For most of that time, you’ll be feeling secure, calm, and optimistic. Your sense of self is strong, you’re confident and serene. However, Venus goes retrograde between July 23 and September 4, all the while in Leo. This is a time when your pride gets in the way, and your relationship becomes less blissful because your ego wants to play a role.

From September 4 till the end of the year, Jupiter is also retrograde – in your own sign! Those two planets are like a tag team of hassle. The Jupiter influence slows your growth, so you may need to dip into your savings in order to feel more secure financially.


Illustration of Gemini symbol.

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It’s a restless year for you, and that’s just the way you like it. The year starts off with a bang, as the clock chimes midnight and red planet Mars is already retrograde in your sign, until January 12. This brings the wrong kind of company around you, people looking for an argument.

Mars remains in your sign until March 24, and when it starts going direct, it brings you a lot of admirers and many compliments, you’ll struggle to choose the perfect person for you and might have no choice but to date a few at once.

Love planet Venus is in your sign from April 10 to May 7, which will mean romantic dates and long, moonlit walks along the coast. Followed by a short and very auspicious period of communication with planet Mercury in Gemini between June 10 - 26, securing new contracts and paving the way to career success.

You love keeping busy, so 2023 doesn’t disappoint.


Illustration of Cancer symbol.

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You’re a gentle sign, Cancer, home loving and kind, and you speak up for others but don’t speak up for yourself. A relay race of celestial shifts gets you standing up for yourself in 2023. First, the planet Mars which rules wars and your temper, will be in your sign March 24 – May 20 and this brings a lot of issues to the surface. Family disagreements and work crises start to get to you, and the sense of injustice doesn’t let you stay quiet.

Before Mars leaves Cancer, Venus enters it. This is a planet that rules love and the home, and from May 7 to June 5 you feel loved and accepted thanks to Venus, so you’re stronger with each passing day and feel like if you wanted to, you could fight back. You’re not in a fighting mood, but you do develop a strong sense of self and don’t put yourself down anymore.

From June 26 to July 10, communication planet Mercury is in Cancer, and this is when you speak up. The transformation is complete, no one puts Cancer in a corner.


Illustration of Leo symbol.

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You’re one of the big winners of this year, Leo. Important planets are spending long weeks in your sign, and although it’s not all plain sailing, there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and accomplishments.

Mars is in Leo for a full month and a half, firing you up with its red hot passion. Between May 20 and July 9 you gather pace and feel ready to rush forward in life and believe, achieve. Mercury, planet of communication is in Leo for a short but potent explosion. It visits your sign as soon as Mars has left, from July 10 to July 28, allowing you to progress with any writing projects.

The icing on the 2023 cake is the planet of love. Venus is the big game changer here, and it goes into your sign with roses and violins, bringing in the love from June 5. An unexpected surprise arrives when Venus goes retrograde on July 23. The Venus backspin brings some hesitancy around romance, and you struggle to move forward until the retrograde is over, September 4. Venus remains in Leo until October 8, meaning love is central to your life for four long months, partly covering Leo season!


Illustration of Virgo symbol.

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You love planning and hate interruptions, so buckle up, Virgo, for your Mercury retrograde in the summer. Planet of communication, Mercury, is in your sign for over two months, bringing to the fore everything to do with your online relationships and your work contracts. The entire length of Mercury in Virgo is from July 28 to October 4, so your attention to detail will be needed as many innovations would appear in your life.

However, Mercury also goes retrograde in Virgo during that time, which will make matters a little harder, and communication challenges will pop up daily. The dates of August 23 to September 4 are those challenging days, and you need to be prepared in advance, with all your tech backed up, and a detailed to-do list to boot.


Illustration of Libra symbol.

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Delicate and elegant, you conduct your whole life employing kind and gentle gestures, Libra. Not so on October 14, 2023, when everything happens at once. The Solar eclipse in Libra, the New Moon in Libra, the Sun in Libra as well as Mercury. All eyes are on you.

This is a time for beginnings and a time for goodbyes. Jobs that don’t suit you, relationships that drain you, friendships that take more than they give, this eclipse will show them the door. But equally, new starts, better career options, wonderful new admirers, and a worthy charitable cause will all arrive in your life without any trouble.

Take the opportunity to intentionally manifest your deepest desires – if you know good new things are coming, you might as well ask the universe for what you actually want.


Illustration of Scorpio symbol.

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You like to keep things subtle, Scorpio. It’s nobody’s business what you feel and what you’re up to, and this year’s biggest changes are just perfect for you. The Penumbral Lunar eclipse on May 5, at a time of the Scorpio Full Moon, is a quiet eclipse in the sky and nearly invisible to the naked eye. Your Scorpio Moon is influencing the world – making people more passionate, more psychic, and happier with their shadow selves – but the world doesn’t even know it.

You know it though, and you’re happy about it. A desire for acceptance has never been your thing, you’re comfortable being the outsider and dancing to the beat of your own drum. This gentle eclipse is an opportunity for you to shed off the old skin, and be reborn as a new you. Adopt a new style, a new pet, a new partner, and emerge from the wreckage of the old you, afresh.


Illustration of Sagittarius symbol.

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You’re a fun and fiery sign, Sagittarius, and you love living life to its fullest. This year is quite neatly divided into 3 main parts, and each serves a different purpose, as your ruling planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, travels through the signs. 2023 starts with Jupiter in fiery Aries, and as a fire sign yourself, you feel right at home. You observe success and growth on a personal level, in terms of confidence, forthright action, and self-love. You take all that’s good in fire and apply that to yourself.

On May 16, Jupiter shifts into steadfast Taurus, and this is your cue to start treating yourself like the absolute monarch that you are. Taurus loves the finer things in life, and you do too! And then from September 4 to the end of the year, Jupiter is still in Taurus, but now it is going retrograde, so instead of expansion, we are shrinking. This could mean a lot less eating out, and a lot more salads at home, so you’ll be buying smaller clothes soon.


Illustration od Capricorn symbol.

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You appear as if you’re keeping it together, Capricorn. If anyone were to pay you a visit, they’d see a composed, focused, peaceful individual. But underneath the surface, this year is absolutely nonstop.

Let’s start with the unfortunate fact that there’s a Mercury retrograde in your sign in January, and then again in December. Who does that? You’ll keep your back strong, but this retrograde action is enough to break anyone. Receipts are lost, parcels never arrive, and the phone falls in the bath. It’s a lot. Then we’ve got Pluto, planet of deaths and rebirths, which has been in your sign for 15 years, furnishing your life with surprises, sometimes good and sometimes not. This planet finally leaves you and goes into Aquarius on March 23, but a long retrograde brings it back to Capricorn.

I won’t even start to describe your ruling planet, Saturn’s shenanigans. The best advice for a year like this – rest up well, and double-check every last plan.


Illustration of Aquarius symbol.

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You’re always interested in charitable work and equal rights to all, Aquarius, that’s your thing, you’re an activist at heart. 

This year, something incredible finally happens – Pluto, the planet furthest from our Sun, enters your sign. Due to its distance from the solar center of our system, Pluto takes about 248 years to get back to the same place, so the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in 1778-1798 when many social changes occurred.

As Pluto enters Aquarius, on March 23, it starts a new era, one where feminist issues will be center stage, and equality will be promoted. Due to the Pluto retrograde, it only remains in Aquarius until June 11, but it will be back in 2024, and then stay there for 20 important years.


Illustration of Pisces symbol.

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As the final sign of the Zodiac, you have quite grown-up qualities, Pisces. Even though you’re a dreamer, which makes you appear childlike, you’re actually in love with grown-up living and adore the responsibilities and the opportunities. You love it that you can just get on a plane and land in another country. You love getting to pick what you eat. So pairing your sign with the mature planet Saturn is a match made in heaven.

From March 7 to the rest of the year, Saturn is in your sign. You feel seen, you feel heard and you feel like you matter. And although for a part of 2023 the planet is retrograde, from June 18 to November 4, however, that’s still manageable for you, because your overwhelming intuition helps you avoid the worst of the retrograde chaos.

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