You'll adore this 4-year-old's viral video singing Selena's best hits

'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom'

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Kids! They're taking over with their super-adorable impressions. Take, for example, social media's latest viral star, 4-year-old Maliya Kabs, who likes to belt out her favorite Selena jams. (We can relate, Maliya.)

The razor-sharp toddler does not miss a beat: not only does she know the words to the late singer's songs, but she's also familiar with the other languages Selena uses in each track. We're incredibly impressed, and her father, Tay Kabs, was incredibly speechless.

While attempting to figure out how she learned all of these words, Tay was adorably interrupted by his little lady: "Really, Daddy, can I just put on my songs," she asked. Impressive pipes and killer jokes—this kid is something! It's no wonder her video raked in more than two million views on YouTube.

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Watch Maliya jam to Selena

We have to say, Maliya is definitely in good company. Roughly around the same time, social media users discovered the 4-year-old, they also happened to stumble upon 8-year-old Anni Coverly. Anni has accumulated nine million views and counting on TikTok for her incredible rendition of Alicia Keys' Girl on Fire. This little lady was cleaning the pool and rocking out while her father unknowingly filmed her. 

Listen to Anni sing Alicia Keys

Those are some serious vocals on two little girls, huh? This impromptu pool jam session also floored commenters on social media. 

"She is living her absolute best life, sir," one user wrote. "Way to go, dad! Her confidence is INCREDIBLE, and her voice is [fire]."

It looks like we better brush up on our singing skills—the competition is fierce!

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