Wait, did Joe Biden just make a Mean Girls joke?

Joe Biden has made a joke that would make Regina George herself proud

Joe Biden
(Image credit: Anna Moneymaker / Staff / Getty Images)

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has made a joke that seems to stem from the cult classic hit comedy Mean Girls. 

The president of the United States has just made a joke that has sent Mean Girls fans into a frenzy. The POTUS Instagram account posted a video of the President racing in a pick-up truck. The President looked calm and collected as he sat in the driver's seat of a truck, donned a pair of sunglasses, and sped off into the distance. 

But it was the caption to this video that caught the eye of Mean Girls fans. The caption of the video read, “Get in folks, we’re going to win the competition for the 21st century.” This caption evidently pays homage to the iconic line from Mean Girls when queen mean girl, Regina George, tells Cady, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” 

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The video of the President in the car was part of his new initiative to get more electric vehicles in use in the US. The battery-powered Ford F-150 Lightning will be launched on Wednesday but the POTUS managed to get a sneak peek and test drive of the vehicle ahead of its unveiling. 

With a secret service agent at his side, the President quipped “this sucker is quick” as he sped around Ford’s testing tracks in Michigan. The President also revealed that he is a “car guy” as he announced proudly, “My name is Joe Biden and I am a car guy.”

Fans loved this fun video from President Joe Biden and many flocked to social media to comment on the post. One fan commented, “New meme material just dropped” which 16,000 agreed with as the commenter received as many likes. Another comedic fan commented, “Damn he’s taking Ridin’ with Biden to a whole new level! I love it!!” 

It’s unclear if the POTUS was trying to be a meme, or if he has even watched Mean Girls, but someone in his social media team definitely needs a raise because that post was "so fetch". 

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