Virgin River season 3 recap as season 4 drops on Netflix

Here is a brief recap of Virgin River Season 3 as the fourth season is released on Netflix after making fans wait for more than a year

Virgin River season 3 recap
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The Virgin River season 4 release date was July 20, 2022, and fans are already binging the newest installment of the drama series. However, some are struggling to remember what happened in season 3.

If you are one of the many fans in need of a Virgin River season 3 recap, we might just have the answers for you. So much has happened in the past three seasons, and with a 12-month gap since the last season, it can be tricky to remember what has happened.

So here is everything you need to remember about season 3 of Virgin River before you start binge-watching season 4 on Netflix.

Virgin River

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Virgin River season 3 recap

At the end of Virgin River season 3, it was revealed that Mel was pregnant but it was unclear who the father of her baby is, Jack or her late-husband Mark via IVF. This shock was the major cliffhanger from the end of the season and fans expect that the paternity of this child will be revealed in season 4. 

Preacher is another character that fans are concerned about. The finale of season 3 showed him being drugged and left dead in the woods. This was after a plot was formed by Vince, the twin brother of Paige's abusive ex, to kidnap his nephew, Paige's son Christopher.

Season 3 also concluded with Hope getting into a car crash and ending up in a coma. She has yet to wake up so her fate is still yet to be revealed in the upcoming season. Charmaine's safety is another concern for fans, since her marriage to Todd after knowing him for just a few weeks, he has become increasingly aggressive with her. 

Who shot Jack in Virgin River?

Season 4 will reveal who shot Jack but if you have yet to watch the season Jack's shooter is still a mystery. Jack was shot by a mystery shooter at the end of season 2 and it was thought that Brady may have shot him.

Season 4 has finally revealed who the real killer is, which should be enough of an incentive to sink your teeth into the new series and finally work out the mystery that has been plaguing fans since season 2!

Virgin River

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Where is Virgin River filmed and is it a real place?

Sadly, Virgin River is not a real life location. The fictional town is supposed to be located in Northern California, but in reality the Virgin River town is actually located in Canada. 

Predominantly the series is filmed in Vancouver and British Colombia, and places such as Mel's cabin, Doc's clinic, and Jack's bar, are located throughout the Vancouver area. Panoramic outdoor shots of the 'Virgin River' are actually filmed at Snug Cove on Bowen Island, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam.

Virgin River Season 4 trailer

Will there be a Virgin River series 5? Everything we know so far

Virgin River Season 5 has been given the go-ahead by Netflix. The site confirmed there would be another season, but have yet to confirm when this latest season would be released. 

The past four seasons have been released at diffent times of the year but season 3 and season 4 of the show were both released in July of consecutive years. This could give fans hope that they might be able to watch season 5 of Virgin River by July 2023.

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