Criminal Minds leaves Netflix - here's where you can watch it now

The beloved crime drama series Criminal Minds has left Netflix and fans are devastated, here's how to watch Criminal Minds elsewhere

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds has been removed from Netflix in the US and fans are devastated that they can no longer view their favorite show, here is how you can still watch it. 

Criminal Minds first premiered in 2005 and lasted for 15 seasons until it finished in 2020. Although the show has been off the air for two years, fans of the show have loved repeating the series on Netflix where it has been available since 2014. 

The streaming platform has sadly decided to remove Criminal Minds from it's platform - much to the devastation of fans - but don't worry! Here is how you can continue re-watching Criminal Minds elsewhere...

Criminal Minds

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All 15 seasons of Criminal Minds are now exclusively available to stream on Paramount +. It has also been reported that Paramount is even thinking about rebooting the show with additional seasons. 

Criminal Minds is also available to purchase per season on Amazon Prime, plus those with Amazon Prime membership can add a Paramount package to their payment fee. This would allow them to watch Amazon Prime shows and Paramount in one streaming service payment.

The Criminal Mind spin-offs, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders are on other streaming platforms and can both be watched on Disney+. 

Internationally, Criminal Minds can also be viewed on Disney+. For UK viewers Disney+ is the best platform to use to watch all 15 seasons of the show. The crime drama series is available under the 'Star' section of the streaming platform, which is where the majority of TV shows and films created for adults and young adults are available to view.

Criminal Minds

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Why was Criminal Minds removed from Netflix?

Netflix streamed the first 12 seasons of the 15-season show but did not ever have the licensing agreement for the final three seasons. Instead, these were available on Hulu and Paramount +. 

As of June 30, 2022, these 12 seasons have been removed from Netflix entirely. The reason the show is leaving Netflix is simply because the show's licensing agreement with this streaming platform has come to an end. After eight years with Netflix, the creators were clearly ready for a change.

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