Virgin River season 3 is on the way, and it looks intense

Drama and romance are heading down the river

Virgin River - Production Stills

Fans of Virgin River can breathe a sigh of relief: Netflix has confirmed a third season for the hit show.

*From here on in, those who haven't seen season two should expect spoilers*

Season two of Virgin River left us on quite the cliffhanger, so fans were keen for news, any news, from Netflix. Luckily the streaming giant has decided to give us another season of Mel, Jack and the rest of the town. And we hope our questions from season two won't be left unanswered. 

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Season two left off with Jack bleeding out on the floor of his bar. Will we find out who shot our leading man?  We're sharing our theories in selected group chats and preparing to return to our favorite Northern California town, but, until then, here's everything we've discovered about the upcoming third season.

When is Virigin River season 3 coming to Netflix?

Well, we have a release date. And it's sooner than you may think, too. Netflix announced that new episodes will be released on July 3rd. For now, though, we can enjoy this teaser trailer for hints of what's to come.

Who will be in season 3 of Virgin River?

Based on the trailer alone, it looks like we can expect the full cast to be back for another season. But sprinkled among the familiar faces are new ones, like Zibby Allen who, it's reported, will become a new regular on the show. She will be playing Jack's sister, Brie, described as a "ballsy" lawyer. Stacey Farber will also be joining the cast as Lilly’s daughter.

Virgin River - Production Stills


Does Mel get pregnant in Virgin River?

Baby talk seems to be a huge theme in the trailer for the show. Jack also seems to be hesitant towards the thought of having a baby, which may be the main cause of tension between him and Mel. It looks like the pair are not on the same page about having kids, at one point we even see Mel in the bathroom crying (possibly over a pregnancy test?). 

We know from the first two seasons that Virgin River is far from being a sleepy small town, so we're looking forward to the drama of season three. 

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